G2E booth number: 1118

This year at G2E, WMS will showcase distinct platforms and different cabinet configurations, each fully supported by an extensive library of games, to bring customers and players a wide variety of unique player experiences. At the root of WMS’ dynamic offerings is the extensive research conducted to bring these products and solutions to market. The Blade and Gamefield xD cabinets are WMS’ most thoroughly researched products. These cabinets are only the latest examples of WMS products that have exceeded expectations in unique ways and are delivering strong performance, all as a result of WMS listening to customers and players. Backed not only by a heavy investment in market research, but also one of the industry’s largest, most current patent portfolio, WMS is determined to continue to create new revolutionary player-engaging concepts. 

The sleek new Blade gaming cabinet, honed by player insights and casino operator feedback, is WMS’ next-generation for-sale cabinet. The cabinet seamlessly integrates a cutting-edge cabinet design, the amazingly fast CPU-NXT 3 processor, and a diverse library of content. Its entire suite of content and play mechanics is tailored to the cabinet’s tighter, more connected set of high-resolution displays, which are designed to be highly effective in grabbing players’ attention. Blade is already making an impact on highly competitive, geographically diverse slot floors, where nearly all its themes are delivering extraordinary performance. The growing portfolio of products designed specifically for the Blade cabinet will be on display at G2E. This robust library of dynamic content will also feature the player-focused Bonus Guarantee and Wager Saver feature mechanics, developed exclusively for the CPU-NXT3 platform content through extensive player and customer research.  

Also highlighted at G2E will be the Gamefield xD cabinet, which is already enjoying success on slot floors and quickly proving to be one of the industry’s strongest performing platforms. The cabinet’s dual vertical 32-inch super-high-definition screens are seamlessly constructed to create a visual playground. This unrivaled field of view allows game play to stretch onwards and upwards while creating unprecedented player interaction. This revolutionary product will be showcased at G2E with some of the latest premium brand executions to build on this successful platform, including the popular Iron Man and Beetlejuice brands.

WMS is bringing innovations to many timeless iconic consumer brands, allowing customers to leverage built-in player loyalty for those brands.  New brands such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, as well as the latest executions for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and Monopoly-themes, are just a few of the popular brands that will come to life at G2E via WMS innovations that drive differentiation on the casino floor.