091213 GTR_ISGA logo_300The Social Gaming Association and the International Social Games Coalition have merged to create a unified international voice to educate the public and policy makers on the social games industry and to represent and further the interests of the industry.

The newly consolidated organization, to be named the International Social Games Association (ISGA), will represent social games companies worldwide, from established global operators to up‐and‐coming start‐ups.

The ISGA will provide a powerful and effective voice for the global social games industry at a time when many changes in the way people access, play and pay for games are taking place, according to an association press release. In this context, the ISGA’s core objectives will be to educate and inform the public, policy makers and regulators on what the industry does, how it works, and the value it generates for the digital economy.

The ISGA will work to develop and promote a unified set of socially responsible values to its members aimed at safeguarding the consumer while also protecting the dynamic and innovative nature of this popular form of entertainment.

The ISGA’s members will benefit from greater support from an enlarged leadership team combining each respective organization’s executive boards, with Luc Delany appointed as CEO and current chairman of the Social Gaming Association, Stuart Tilly, appointed as a non‐executive board advisor.

“I’m pleased to be able to announce that our two groups are joining forces—we’re looking forward to representing the great work done by social games companies around the world together,” said Paul Mathews, chairman of the International Social Games Coalition and of the new ISGA.