101713 POTW_OnSSi Axis_300OnSSI’s highly acclaimedOcularis Video Management Systemis now fully integrated with the new AXIS A1001 Network Door Controllerfrom Axis Communications. The integration provides video surveillance and security operations at all levels to be seamlessly combined onto Ocularis’ powerful platform. This allows users to monitor and control video surveillance and access control operations side-by-side when Ocularis and the new Axis solution are paired together.

The integration of Ocularis and AXIS A1001 allows critical video and access control data to be displayed side-by-side on the Ocularis platform, as opposed to viewing associated video with text overlays. This makes it easier for security personnel to monitor events in real-time, and provides an added level of security by visually matching access cardholders with live images to ascertain identities. This integration offers unique value by offering search engine functionality and statistical analysis of the access control events.

All access control events and alerts generated from AXIS A1001 are streamed directly to Ocularis. This includes real-time data of all entry access, guest/visitor privileges and violations such as tailgating. All cardholder information is synchronized, time stamped and stored with associated video by Ocularis for real time monitoring and forensic searches. Integration of government and local watch lists, as well as restricted suppliers and employees are also enabled to deliver an advanced prevention solution.

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