For the past decade or so, there has been an evolution unfolding when it comes to residential and commercial lighting. The traditional standbys of incandescent and florescent bulbs and lamps are slowly but surely being phased out—deemed too costly, technologically inefficient and environmentally wasteful to satisfy modern illumination needs. Among the new wave of lighting products designed to provide high-quality light with easy maintenance and economic operation are light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.

And when it comes to LEDs, one company is attempting to set itself above the rest. Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Kimberly LED Lighting has been in the lighting business for over 50 years, and has committed itself not only to offering state-of-the-art LED lighting products, but also informing consumers of the cost savings and global environmental benefits of using LED lighting in their homes and businesses.

To accomplish this goal, Kimberly LED Lighting has transformed itself into a one-stop shop for all LED lighting needs, providing a wide array of high-quality, durable and environmentally-friendly products. On the commercial end, this LED lineup includes lamps, tubes, retrofit kits, specialty lamps, recessed lighting, strip lighting, panel lighting, bay lighting, parking structure lighting, flood lights, street lights and landscape lighting. Its client list includes companies large and small, such as the Detroit Opera House, Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers professional baseball team), Highlands University in New Mexico, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the Buffalo Wild Wings franchise and Nestlé.

Kimberly Lighting would like to add casinos to their growing lists of clients. Doug Jenkins, national sales manager for Kimberly, believes gaming facilities—given their large size and 27/7/365 operation—could greatly benefit from the long life, energy savings and versatility of LED technology. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about Kimberly and LED lighting.

What is an LED?

Jenkins: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It’s a semiconductor that creates light when electricity passes through it. This is a great technology for lighting applications.

What are the benefits of utilizing LED for lighting applications?

Jenkins: There are many:

• A LED lamp is 80 percent more efficient than standard lighting used in casinos. This means 80 percent savings on your energy bill where lighting is concerned.

• LEDs have a long life. An LED lasts 50,000 hours, or 5.7 years on average if running in a casino 24/7. LEDs eliminate replacement and labor costs for that time period.

• A LED is 100 percent environmentally safe and does not require special disposal instructions.

• LEDs often come with energy company rebates. Most energy companies give on average $10 dollars per lamp as an incentive for casinos.

• LEDs come with federal tax deductions. The government will give casinos a 60 cents per square foot tax deduction on areas that change out to LEDs.

Is LED lighting affordable?

Jenkins: LED lighting is more expensive than other forms of lighting. However with enormous energy, replacement and labor cost savings it the most common-sense method.

Why should a casino turn to Kimberly LED Lighting for its LED needs?

Jenkins: Kimberly LED Lighting has over 65 years of lighting experience. We provide a full array of LED products for all casino lighting applications. We do a full energy analysis; handle all rebates from beginning to end, as well as the federal tax deduction for each customer. All products are Energy Star rated or DLC Certified.

You mentioned LEDs can be expensive. Do you have programs in place to help casinos defray these costs?

Jenkins: Yes, we do. To start, customers can purchase product at an extremely competitive price. Customers can also use our Zero Out of Pocket lease program. It’s a 24-month lease with a $1 buy-out at the end. The average lease payment for a casino is one-third to one-quarter of their monthly savings. This means you’re paying each monthly payment with your energy savings and still pocketing two-thirds to three-quarters of your savings every month!

Customers can also join the Energy Reduction Coalition. Kimberly Lighting partners with the ERC to provide LED products and a continued maintenance program. This is a zero out-of-pocket expense that will increase monthly savings. (Go to to get further details.)

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