In a recent survey conducted by DoubleDown Casino, over 10,000 casual gamers helped identify why the social casino games are gaining in popularity. Among the results:

• 25 percent said social casinos were unique among other casual gaming options for keeping the gaming experience fresh. The wide selection of games and frequently updated content were important to gamers seeking new forms of entertainment when choosing between social casino sites.

• 19 percent said the look and feel of a real casino was of high entertainment value. When deciphering the quality of a gaming experience, serious and casual gamers prioritize graphics, load times and game variety. Social casino games were approached with the same expectations but overall the experience was based on whether players felt like they were in a real casino.

Hasbro signs deal with DoibleDown

MONOPOLY owner Hasbro has signed a deal with DoubleDown Casino to recreate the classic board game as slot-like social game.

• 31 percent said they preferred to play slot games and many were drawn to games they recognized from real casinos. Many gamers were drawn to slot games they recognize from real casinos. The bright, colorful images of the slot games and casino sounds, such as coins falling, added to the experience. Gamers liked social casinos with the widest selection of classic and new slot games.

 DoubleDown casino recently announced that Hasbro has committed its MONOPOLY franchise to its platform. Players will experience the iconic MONOPOLY game play they know and love when they spin the dice and move around the board, plus see captivating iconic game pieces fill the screen and MR. MONOPOLY appear in bonus rounds.