112113 GTR_Twin Lions Casino_300Guadalajara, Mexico-based Twin Lions Casino has installed Win Systems’ WIGOS Casino Management System to connect and run its 800 gaming machines.

The system installation has unified all of Twin Lions machines under a single system, which will allow it to expand the range of promotions and sweepstakes used throughout the casino.

The installation was done by the Win Systems’ technical team and included staff training for cashiers, supervisors, room leaders, auditing, marketing, runners, accounting and management.

“Twin Lions migration has been very successful,” said Eric Benchimol, Win Systems CEO, in a prepared statement. “We are very happy to know this casino trusts our products and we are glad to offer support to increase their productivity with our system. It is our company mission, to offer innovative solutions that create close relationships with all our customers.”

WIGOS is a centralized control system for lotteries and casinos, and offers real-time access to statistics and financial and accounting information from one or more casinos. It provides full connectivity to Class III and Class II machines, financial and statistical reports, player tracking, promotions and loyalty programs, as well as mobile banking applications on iPad through a multi-site system.