112613 POTW_X2 PowerCRATE and PowerRAIL_300X2 Computing, one of the leading providers of tablet computers, has launched the next generation of intelligent charging solutions for tablet computers. PowerCRATE and PowerRAIL enable multiple tablets to be stored and charged simultaneously without the need for numerous trailing power leads and cables. PowerCRATE enables up to 20 devices to be slotted into individual docking bays and simultaneously charged while PowerRAIL offers a desktop charging solution and is available with 4-12 bays.

Both solutions offer quick, easy and secure storage of tablets and ensure that they are ready for use when needed. When used with the X2 Computing Carbon X220 devices a LED on the handle of the device will show charge status, illuminating green when fully charged. This makes the charging solutions ideal for busy work environments allowing you to make optimum use of the tablets available.

Functioning as intelligent multi-tablet charging solutions, both the PowerCRATE and PowerRAIL has additional functions which can offer invaluable business data. Networking the tablets through the charging stations allows the units to be accessed remotely, providing information such as asset management, charge status, battery cycle status and allows thermal monitoring.

For more information, visit www.x2computing.com.