112613 POTW_NEWave myData Manager_300NEWave is changing the way casinos do business across the entire operation with the release of its new business intelligence software suite, myData Manager.

Over 20 years and from coast to coast, NEWave, a leading compliance and efficiency software supplier to the gaming industry, has been helping casinos increase efficiencies, reduce waste, enhance the bottom line, stay in compliance, and protect the operation from fines with its leading and award-winning software.

Now with myData Manager, NEWave has not just raised the bar; they have thrown down the gauntlet, creating a powerful new software suite that does what C-level casino managers have been demanding: it gives real data people can actually use.

Today, casinos use up to hundreds of different systems to generate reports on a regular basis. What has been lacking was a way to combine these disparate reports to create comprehensive views of data for more effective and efficient operations and more strategic decision-making.
To solve this problem, NEWave has released myData Manager. myData Manager brings the proven technology of information optimization combined with big data into strategic analytics. Information optimization turns disparate data, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, into dynamic reports for analysis and visualization.

For more information, visit www.mynewave.com.