120612 GTR_FutureLogic Novamatic_300FutureLogic, a leading developer of innovative ticket printing and couponing solutions, announced that Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH (AGI) have selected FutureLogic’s GEN2 Universal printer as their exclusive ticket printing medium for all 10,000 VLT machines for the Romanian Lottery (Loteria Romana).

After an extensive selection process and successful negotiations with Loteria Romana, AGI announced the selection of NOVOMATIC as the exclusive supplier for all 10,000 state-of-the- art video lottery terminals (VLTs) as well as the video lottery system. FutureLogic’s GEN2 Universal printer was in turn selected by NOVOMATIC as the exclusive ticket printer for all 10,000 VLT machines.

Optionally, FutureLogic’s desktop TITO/coupon printer, CouponXpress, will be available at various transaction points.

“We certainly aim to work with reliable partners offering first-class quality products, excellent service and future-proof technologies,” said Walter Eschbacher, CPO Austrian Gaming Industries, in a prepared statement. “We selected the GEN2 Universal printer because of its excellent technical design, its track record, and FutureLogic’s outstanding technical support and commitment to the gaming industry.”

According to company literature, the GEN2 Universal printer is ready for promotional couponing and can provide operators with separate and secure processing environments for both TITO and promotional couponing. The printer is equipped with a 50 percent larger standard ticket capacity and can thus save operators up to 20 refills, or $200 per printer, annually. The unit eliminates paper waste by consuming the ticket stack down to the last ticket, thus effecting further cost reductions.

The GEN2 Universal printer is server-based ready, supports both SPC (IGT) and GDS protocols and can be configured to communicate with multiple hosts simultaneously, such as RS-232 or Netplex, and USB protocols.