121213 POTW_Russelectric power control system_300Russelectric, a custom designer and builder of power control and synchronizing switchgear systems in low- and medium-voltage ratings for single- and multi-unit on-site power generators, now offers power control systems equipped with dual PLC controls for automatic generator set starting and stopping, status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing, and priority load control.

The primary PLC controls system operates with a backup PLC running the same program as the primary. If the primary PLC fails, the backup PLC assumes operational control. If both PLCs were to fail, a manual control system allows operating personnel to synchronize and parallel the generators onto the bus, as well as to add and shed load. This built-in redundancy is included in all Russelectric on-site power control systems.

The instruments and other devices that facilitate manual operation (including generator main bus volt meter, frequency meter, and synchroscope) are mounted on a hinged panel that can be specified to swing either left or right for easy viewing from adjacent control cubicles during manual operation.

For more information, visit www.russelectric.com.