Reward viewCasinos award an estimated $30 billion in loyalty rewards every year. The average slot player has four casino player cards and receives tons of promotional offers every day via direct mail, e-mail, and in their accounts on player portals. Most miss out on valuable opportunities available to them. Keeping up with four or more websites, along with expiration dates and what offers are available where, is quite a task. Now there’s Reward View, which offers casino players a one convenient place where they can sign up for free to register their multiple player club loyalty card accounts and track available points, current rewards and special offers. The site is designed to help players maximize and manage their rewards by combining all their casino player accounts into one single account. This single account enables the player to view all their points and offers in one location. For casinos, Reward View will help them reach qualified players and deliver offers tailored to players based on their combined play without wasted circulation.

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