011614 POTW_D3 Security logo_300D3 Security, the Canada-based compliance reporting and incident management software provider, has developed an incident, operations and compliance management platform for gaming establishments.D3 Casino ICM delivers strengthened internal controls, powerful documentation ability and anti-money laundering compliance to a gaming industry hit hard by historic enforcements and extreme fines.

Called D3 Casino ICM—for incident and compliance management—the D3 system offers an all-in-one solution tailor-made for casinos and other gaming establishments. With four fully integrated modules—Incident Management, Slot Machine Compliance, Licensing Management and Compliance Reporting—Casino ICM brings several critical gaming industry operations together on a single platform, allowing data to flow seamlessly from one module to another, enabling holistic performance analytics and accurate compliance reporting.

Casinos must effectively manage an extensive range of incidents. With D3's deep functionality and fully configurable features, casinos can track incidents related to physical security, financial compliance, advantage gambling, drug and alcohol violations and more. Information access controls ensure employees or contractors can only access and contribute to the part of the reporting process they are approved for, and workflows and notifications route tasks using predefined rules that incorporate best practices. The ability to automate key processes, increase information security and perform due diligence helps casinos to be prepared at all times in the event of an audit or investigation.

For slot machine compliance, D3 Casino ICM includes pre-configured forms and workflows that facilitate accurate and streamlined reporting to federal, state and Tribal gaming regulators. Maintenance and inspection of slot machines is also vastly improved with D3; using D3's Apple iOS or Android mobile application, slot machine technicians manage and document slot upgrades, maintenance activities and regular or randomly generated inspections. All activities are logged for accountability, and time- and location-stamped for optimal recordkeeping.

For more information, visit www.d3security.com.