Custom Designed Seats from STYLGAMEStylGame can custom design and manufacture specific seats for slot machine manufacturers. These products are high-tech, and can be further customized for specific functions, designs and materials. StylGame’s specialized casino seating capabilities include:

• Interactive seats with motion simulator, equipped with an electronic board to interface with the slot machine, allowing the seat to move in all directions. The motor system can be traditional or compact to incorporate within the seat.

• Sound chairs with audio amplification technology and vibrating transducers that diffuse the sound throughout the chair and all directions.

• An air-massage system, applicable to all Royal Stool seats and backrests, that boosts player comfort and time on device.

• Monitors and luminous serigraphy panels applicable to all Royal Stool backrests and seats to duplicate game images or broadcast films or graphics.

 • Armrests with control buttons that use wireless technology to interact with the slot machine. Visit for more info.