013114 POTW_Arecont Vision Camera_300Arecont Vision, an industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, has introducedSurroundVideo Omni Cameras, a new addition to its highly-touted line of SurroundVideo cameras.

The new SurroundVideo Omni Cameras feature four multi-megapixel sensors that can be individually adjusted to capture different fields of view within a full 360-degree range. This allows a single camera to provide detailed coverage of a wide area including the ability to provide views directly under the camera or multiple fields of view using a variety of different lens options.

The added versatility provided by SurroundVideo Omni Cameras can replace the need for multiple cameras and reduces overall system costs.

Arecont Vision’s new SurroundVideo Omni Cameras will be are available in 5 megapixel (MP), 8MP, 12MP and 20MP configurations. For added versatility, the low-profile cameras will have multiple lens options available from 2.8mm up to 16mm.

For more information, visit www.arecontvision.com.