021314 POTW_BETFUZE iPod sports betting app_300London-based BETFUZE has launched the world's first sports betting app designed specifically for the iPad. The free app provides users with a unique experience by offering crowd-sourced insights using the Sentimeter, along with the latest sporting news, statistics and personalized content. The BETFUZE app is designed to ensure users have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips to help them to bet more intelligently.

BETFUZE's Sentimeter analyses the tweets of millions of sports fans in real?time to provide users with instant insight on the likely outcome of any bet. Using bespoke technology, the tool is able to accurately analyze Twitter conversations to interpret a positive or negative social sentiment, and produce a percentage score for any sporting event.

Additional features include:

• Odds Comparison: This feature provides real?time odds from all major bookmakers. Bets can be placed with a couple of clicks, facilitating in?play betting for users where time is at a premium.

• Tailored Experience: Over time the app will tailor itself to a user's interests, prioritizing information relating to their preferred sports and leagues. The personalized experience includes access to articles from venues and top writers, weather forecasts as well as the latest form information.

• Streamlined Design: Designed specifically for mobile, the app has been crafted with none of the clutter and confusion of a traditional betting website or app. Together with a powerful event search engine, BETFUZE focuses on design to reduce browsing time.

Launching for iPad initially, iPhone and Android versions are coming soon, according to company press materials.

For more information, visit www.betfuze.com.