022014 GTR_Zitro Machines_300Zitro, the Europe-based provider of electronic bingo games that recently expanded into the U.S. market, has installed its machines in two new Spain casinos.

Bingo Triángulo, located in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), is now home to eight new Zitro bingo machines. The companies most successful titles together with the latest features, Da Vinci Secrets and Last Bingo in Paris, have been chosen for the opening of the property.

Meanwhile, the Badem-Badem group, which is opening its new Baden-Eloy hall in Calle Eloy Gonzalo in central Madrid, is once again banking on Zitro machines to guarantee success. This property will offer Zitro’s Da Vinci Secrets and the Last Bingo in Paris in addition to Double Bonus.

Baden-Eloy will be the third Badem-Badem bingo hall to house Zitro bingo machines.