G2E Las Vegas OrtizOrtiz Gaming, an international developer of electronic bingo games, announced it will be launching its products into the Asian gaming market. The company, which has focused on developing a diverse game library and unique game play to increase time in chair and otherwise “revolutionize” traditional electronic bingo, sees a demand in Asia for its one-of—a-kind products.

“Ortiz Gaming’s goal is to bring to the Asian market a variety of games and amazing products aimed at innovation and enhancing the gaming experience,” said Maurilio Silva, president of Ortiz, in a prepared statement. “We also want to provide the best tools for creating a top-performing casino floor [that will showcase the] ‘Next Generation of Bingo.’”

Asia is the latest market to be targeted by rapidly expanding Ortiz Gaming, which recently introduced its GLI-approved Class II and Class III electronic bingo games to the U.S. casino industry. According to company literature, attention to comprehensive solutions and multiple strategies allows Ortiz to meet the specialized needs of any market and culture. The company’s experienced executives, working in numerous countries, are constantly adding innovative products and services to its cabinets, games library, and wide range of gaming offerings.

Ortiz executives believe this hands-on strategy will work well in Asia. “Asia is definitely a market where the group will be investing and working to deliver a new generation of bingo adapted and customized to the local culture,” said Roberto Regianini, vice president of sales for Ortiz.