022814 POTW_Big Fish social craps_300Big Fish, a producer of casual games for its free-to-play mobile game, Big Fish Casino, has added a real-time social craps game. Big Fish Casino is the first digital casino to offer synchronous play in a mobile craps game, a feature many experienced digital casino players have been anticipating and the most requested game by Big Fish Casino players.

Real-time synchronous social functionality and a continued emphasis toward interaction with other existing players, not just real world or Facebook friends, is integral to Big Fish Casino's success, and Big Fish Casino Craps is no different. In this craps game, the shooter can blow on the dice for good luck, and if they're on a roll, the dice will get hotter for the whole table to see. Roll 16 times without crapping out, and the dice will become engulfed in blue flames.

For more information, visit www.bigfishgames.com.