New Jersey gamers can now place bets without getting out of their pajamas. Since the launch of online gaming, New Jersey gambling sites have seen an overwhelming response from users, generating positive numbers and ensuring a promising future.

Given the new online gaming opportunities, casinos must have a strategy for attracting a wide and varied player base in order to achieve success. As with any new technology, early adopters will show an initial surge but the key to long-term success lies in the ability to cater to mainstream players by initiating trial, keeping them engaged and offering the newest products within their loyalty rewards program.

There are several key components that contribute to a casino’s adaptation of its loyalty program for the online gamer.

First, implementing a risk aversion strategy by bringing safety and familiarity is essential.The key to making a trial appealing is to create familiarity with current player rewards programs and to integrate it into all methods of play. Online gaming programs should be an expansion of a casino’s in-house program, never a new one. Mirroring what players are familiar with will ensure their devotion to your brand and will reinforce positive experiences. This will keep the program efficient and leave little room for error or confusion, as most players will be accustomed to the logistics of the program. The attraction to these online programs is that the casino and its loyalty partner can assess and tweak the program very quickly to achieve the desired result.

Casinos must take a unique approach when they begin offering trials to new players, while being able to identify opportunities to segment their promotions to individual players.This includes sign up bonuses and cross promotions with their current in-house casino programs, thus maximizing loyalty to the casino brand. According to a recent study, active gamblers are 58 percent more likely to play on sites that allow them to earn loyalty points redeemable at casinos. Cross promotion with the brick-and-mortar experience gives players the freedom of how, when, where and what they can attain within a rewards program.

All generations engage in online gaming and a successful player loyalty program must include a variety of brands and products to ensure every player’s demographic needs are met. What works for one player, will simply not work for every player across the board. Brand desirability is a small window due to the fact that brands are constantly updating product features and models. It is important for casinos to strike while the iron is hot and offer their players the newest, trending products. Younger players want a reward that is “hip,” consisting of high-end luxury goods. Products such as Furla, Beats by Dr. Dre, Liquid Image and Mophie will grab their attention, while older generations will tend to stick to practical items such as Circulon, Dyson and Canon.

Loyalty programs must also heavily integrate social media and electronic communication. Advances in technology are allowing players access to gaming sites from any smartphone or tablet device as well as usage of their social media platforms. Two major qualms the generationals are known to possess are, being able to have their voice heard and the need for constant recognition. After a big win and an abundance of points, generationals will want to “cash in” and showcase their new reward to friends and family via social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This will give casinos’ online gaming sites free publicity, as loyal and rewarded players share their enthusiasm, enticing friends, colleagues and family members to join their site of choice. Making sure online gaming is compatible with these needs is a must have step to success and an added bonus to a casino’s marketing strategy.

 Online gaming and land-based casinos can coexist when a strategic and well implemented loyalty plan engages and rewards players through cross functional promotion.