At the recently held Winter Olympic Games in Russia, athletes from around the world competed for the honor of standing on the top spot of the medals platform while their country’s national anthem is played. It’s a heady experience, a grail that entices participants through years of training, travel, trials and sacrifice.

In its own way, Casino Journal’s annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products contest aims to be the industry’s Olympics-like spectacle—a chance for the year’s new gaming products to compete and be judged worthy by a panel of experts. The winners not only receive an award, but gain recognition as the products most likely to transform the way gaming business is done now and into the future. It is an honor well worth vying for.

Now in its 17th year and one of the oldest and most recognized such contests in the gaming industry, this year’s contest garnered 50 product entries, each of which was judged by an independent four-person panel that ultimately selected 20 worthy products. We would like to recognize and thank the judges for their valuable time and the diligence of their analysis:

Warren Davidson, slot director, Coushatta Casino Resort;

Donne Grable, vice president, gaming operations, VCAT LLC;

Gaye Gullo, corporate vice president marketing and CMO, Penn National Gaming; and

Claudia Winkler, president, G.H.I. Solutions.

Platinum, Gold and Silver winners will be announced at a luncheon on the final day of the Gaming Technology Conference, which will be held March 17-19 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. An Attendee’s Choice Award, which will be determined from votes cast by the people at the Gaming Technology Conference, will also be unveiled at the luncheon. These top four award winners also will be featured in the April issue of Casino Journal.

The Top 20, listed alphabetically by company, follows.


—ACRES 4.0

At peak times, customer service transactions overwhelm the capacity of employees to process every need in a timely and satisfying way. Kai allows customers to express needs by text messaging from their mobile phones and engages customers in entertaining games, even when they are not physically at the casino. Kai also provides efficient communication, coordination and management oversight of employee actions on the casino floor by replacing traditional two-way radios with smart mobile devices.

Kai possesses a central intelligence that is programmed with the best practices of casino management and communicates through high-capacity wireless channels to employees within the casino and to players within and beyond the casino. The product coordinates the activities of security, surveillance, slots, table games, valet, maintenance, hotel and every department that comprises a modern resort. By unifying and coordinating the actions of employees throughout the property and by better sensing the needs of customers and providing new methods to entertain them, Kai makes possible a greater level of customer service and stimulates revenues at a significant cost savings to traditional methods.

Judges saluted Kai as a progressive addition to gaming operations. “Kai gets slot communication in line with today’s world by eliminating the radio and the dispatcher and communicates via iPods,” said one. “This form of communication is the standard for today’s busy world and a much needed addition to the slot floor.”

Another judge called Kai a “great product,” adding that it excels in dispatching service calls and measuring results.


Power Progressives

Power Progressives consist of two new progressive jackpot applications that give operators new ways to capture and leverage the proven popularity of progressives. These applications display progressives right on the game screen and integrate with Bally’s CoolSign digital media management for increased player awareness, becoming valuable player-loyalty tools that enhance a casino’s marketing efforts.

Power Progressive Strike and Power Paytable Progressive are part of the Elite Bonusing Suite (EBS) of bonusing tools that allows casinos to reward players right at the point of play. Like all EBS applications, they require no additional in-game or server hardware for customers with EBS and Bally’s iVIEW Display Manager (DM) in-game player/user interface. Previously, casinos needed to buy additional hardware to run progressives. These applications simplify the process by allowing Bally’s EBS customers to run progressives on any machine on the casino floor.

Both apps work on any iVIEW and iVIEW DM-enabled machine, which lets casinos display progressives right on the game screen for increased player awareness of the progressive and when hits occur. In addition, these apps integrate directly with Bally CoolSign digital media management for a high-energy experience that will draw players in. Power Progressive Strike takes a percentage of the player’s bet amount and puts it toward the jackpot; it’s a mystery-style progressive jackpot application that hits independent of the game. The progressive amount is displayed on the iVIEW and iVIEW DM screen or CoolSign display. The jackpot is triggered by a coin-trigger mechanism and must hit before a certain total is reached. The property sets the must-hit-by value for the jackpot, which can be paid to the machine or the player’s account. If no player hits the threshold, there is no winner and the amount stays or is reallocated. Player-centric settings let casinos make Power Progressive Strike available to whomever they want—from all players including uncarded players to narrower options, such as platinum-level players or specific promotional groups.

The floor-wide mystery jackpot feature was a big plus for judges. “The potential linking of hundreds or thousands of games together for a mystery progressive could really make for an exciting and compelling slot floor,” said one. “It puts another tool in the marketing tool kit,” said another judge.


Pro Series Wave

Bally’s ALPHA 2 Pro Series Wave features an industry-first 40-inch concave high-definition monitor. The game screen curves gracefully inward, giving a brand new look and feel to any casino floor. The cabinet’s curved touch screen monitor also provides optimal viewing and increased interaction for players. The Wave integrates an LCD panel and custom, game-synchronized LED cabinet lighting to enhance the play experience, as well an iDeck multi-touch button panel. An optional 22-inch Pro Digital Topper commands attention from across the casino floor.

This cabinet’s ergonomic design is a big part of the story. The seat height and placement of the display provide natural viewing of the screen with no player fatigue, while the chair position makes it easier for players to reach the button panel. This is Bally’s first cabinet designed specifically for women, the core slot-player demographic. The lower button panel height and angled footrest provide support for smaller players, while the button panel’s slim design provides more legroom for taller and larger male players. Bally’s entire library of video-slot games for the Pro Series V22/22 and V32 can be played on the Wave.

Judges were unreserved in their enthusiasm for this cabinet. “Bally has hit on all cylinders with Pro Series Wave,” said one. “They have focused on all the key components of player comfort and have used the new LCD technology available to its fullest advantage. The concave LCD screen cuts down on player eye fatigue while the ergonomics of the cabinet work for players of all sizes.”

Another judge said the Wave’s distinctive look will cut through the clutter and help drive game play. “With the vast selection of game content currently in the industry, standing out from the competition has become increasingly important in game performance; the unique styling of this cabinet almost guarantees that it will be noticed and tried by slot players.”


Data Integration Hub

Most business intelligence (BI) tools today require data to be organized and restructured or transformed in order to be useful and available to other BI tools.  BIS2’s Data Integration Hub works essentially on a casino’s raw data. This powerful ability means that analytical tools to drive increased casino profitability can be usefully delivered to a casino in short order, without the need to wait months or even years for a data warehouse to be built. As the BIS2Data Integration Hub leverages data in its natural form, this opens up a whole new environment in which casino operators are able to use the simplicity and efficiency of data replication.

Many BIS2customers had previously contemplated building a data warehouse, as historically this was the only way of accessing the required data for analytical tools. With the introduction of BIS2’s Data Integration Hub, these customers have decided to either defer (or even abandon) the construction of a data warehouse (i.e. a data warehouse becomes optional not mandatory). Since the data replication process is relatively inexpensive, it can be rapidly deployed and the BIS2floorVizPLUS and aimViz products can be quickly configured to start delivering valuable analytics to casino operators.

“The ability to ditch the data warehouse and instead rely on data replication is a trend in the IT world today and BIS2 is bringing it to the casino industry in a timely manner; which almost never happens,” said one grateful judge. “In addition to ditching the warehouse, analysts can get the up-to-the-minute sresults a warehouse cannot provide.”

Another judge called the Integration Hub, “a cool tool for those operators that want to invest in tools that increase their efficiency and revenue performance without the need to build and maintain a data warehouse. This product has been ‘customized’ for gaming related systems.”



vizDashboard answers the previously unsatisfied demands of casino operators to see and understand actual numbers from the casino floor, allowing users to view their data in a number of highly flexible ways. Specifically, it puts the configuration of the dashboard into the hands of the user; allows drag-and-drop of business performance drivers and dimensions into desired groupings; allows the user to select their own display names; enables the user to apply multiple views to the same Dashboard report; and enables the user to filter the data within the Dashboard, and view specific points of interest (e.g. a bank, a mini casino, etc.).

The product fully integrates with BIS2 Super Graphics, making it an important addition to an already sophisticated advanced analytics platform. With vizDashboard, users can start with traditional operational report formats and then can apply their own advanced requirements as needed. Combining vizDashboard with BIS2’s Data Integration hub allows users unfettered access to all their gaming data, without the need for an intervening data warehouse.

One judge said BIS2continues to be a leader in the BI arena and their development continues to impress. “Considering the schedule of the average casino executive, the vizDashboard from BIS2 makes a lot of sense,” said another judge. “Key metrics can easily be displayed on the dashboard allowing for efficient analysis and better business decisions”



A payments and monetization solution for interactive gaming, Everi bridges the payments gap between land-based and interactive gaming, integrating with GCA’s extensive network of kiosks and land-based operations, while simultaneously reducing operators’ PCI (payment card industry) compliance burden, increasing operator brand awareness and giving operators more control over their interactive gaming solutions.

Everi acts as a payment aggregator by consolidating numerous payment options—traditional and alternative methods—into one simple-to-integrate payment wall. Everi Digital Wallet, a funds management and payments solution, manages real money and social currencies while bridging disparate game and loyalty systems to provide operators with more robust player data and unique marketing opportunities. Everi Productivity Suite focuses on increasing revenue through player monetization and includes easily accessible detailed reporting, player and transaction analytics and fully customizable offer engines.

Each Everi product is a single integration with modular feature implementation, allowing operators to select as few or as many of the customizable options on offer. Leveraging the sophisticated technology of the Live Gamer’s Elements platform, Everi navigates the ever-changing regulatory and legal landscapes to ensure interactive gaming and lottery payments are always in compliance with jurisdictional gaming regulations as well as PCI and PII rules.

“GCA is leaps and bounds ahead with their Everi product,” said one judge. “As online gaming becomes a more prominent part of our landscape, Everi addresses many of the issues players will have with accessibility to their money along with funding their accounts conveniently.”

Another judge said the modularity of the Everi suite of products is its best feature of the system, and that GCA’s huge footprint in North American casinos ensures a wide network to both players and casinos.


 Sphinx 3D

Sphinx 3D is the first title in GTECH’s new True 3D product line, which uses a glasses-free 3D display designed exclusively for GTECH for the gaming industry by SeeFront. It uses autostereoscopic technology with integrated eye-tracking to make images jump off the screen or stretch into infinity in high resolution. Without wearing special or additional glasses, players can explore the on-screen vistas, change viewing angles without disrupting the 3D experience, and see wilds stacked on the z-axis that seem to rotate toward and jump out at them.

A five-reel, 30-line game, Sphinx 3D features a base game and a total of seven bonuses: two in the base game and five dedicated bonuses that players can select as part of the Sphinx Bonus selection. Additionally, the new AXXIS cabinet is designed to create a sense of personal space, maximize player comfort and immerse the player in the game with a state-of-the-art multimedia chair that includes rumble, surround sound and a sliding mechanism for easy entry and adjustable player seating position for ultimate comfort. The high-resolution button panel with the latest touch screen technology, full-scale illumination and an iconic illuminated sphinx head topping the unique cabinet are the final touches to the package.

“Obviously the glasses-free 3D effect is the best feature on this game,” said one judge, capturing the overall sentiment of the panel. “The execution of the 3D effect is simply stunning. Another great feature is the ability to reduce or eliminate the 3D effect if the player desires to play the game that way.”

Another judge saw a powerful combination of new technology and an established brand: “3D is here and GTECH delivers a solid looking product using one of gaming’s hottest brands over the years in Sphinx. This game will demand attention from all walks of players who will enjoy the unique experience.”


IGT’S James Cameron’s Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar is the first International Game Technology (IGT) game to track player achievements and unlock additional content based on players reaching new levels. Players are awarded experience points based on their play—as players gain experience points, they move up in player levels and unlock new items in the game including bonuses, bonus goals, base game backgrounds, base game music and even new characters. The game can also track player progress, allowing players who are signed in to continue play sessions where they left off.

James Cameron’s Avatar Treasures of Pandora Innovation features two, vertically-stacked base games. Upon max bet wager, the “Merging Bonus” may be activated, merging the two game interfaces and creating an industry-first 7,776 ways to win.

This game is also housed in the all-new CrystalCore cabinet which has a 42-inch vertical LCD touch screen. The cabinet’s 10-inch Multi-touch Dynamic Player panel eliminates most traditional buttons, giving way to a more ‘futuristic’ player experience. Additionally the adjacent Super Button combines a traditional dynamic spinner knob and joystick functionality for new game play features.

“IGT’s partnership with James Cameron is a visual knockout on their latest cabinet, the Crystal Core,” said one judge. “IGT does the most beautifully made movie in history justice by launching a platform that can deliver the experience Avatarfans expect.”

Another judge said many casinos will see this product as a great way to keep their floors fresh: “Avatar is a great brand for IGT and this game is a ‘must have’ for any casino interested in providing a compelling floor mix.”


G5-HD Mini Roulette

The G5-HD Mini Roulette combines Interblock’s successful roulette product with the new G5-HD line. Targeting smaller casino floors, the product uses a smaller footprint (6.5 feet) than the G4 Roulette game.

The G5-HD Mini Roulette also features the new G5-HD Play Station. This Play Station is built to accommodate a larger LCD display along with a separate button LCD display. It features better security, illuminated armrests that are color adjustable, and a faster and more powerful embedded graphical engine. The new ergonomically-designed surface with an eight-degree pitch provides an extremely comfortable player environment.

The G5-HD Mini Roulette can be featured on the casino floor with Single Zero or Double Zero Roulette.

“Interblock has done an incredible job shrinking the hardware, not only to take up less casino floor space but to also add intimacy lacking from similar products,” said one enthusiastic judge. The floor space payoff received high marks from another judge: “One of the criticisms of electronic table games is the amount of space they require on the casino floor. Interblock has given us a game in a very compact size that still offers eight player stations.”


ClubLinq API

ClubLinq Identity is an open application programming interface (API), which provides casino operators and players’ club members with a secure “player portal” where they can view current entitlement balances, print or download win/loss statements and update profile information. Further, ClubLinq Identity provides the connection or identification of a player’s “social” identity, which is driving a paradigm shift in the importance of big data systems provided by companies like IBM and MicroStrategy.

ClubLinq Offers is a module of the open ClubLinq API, which, through the Identity Portal, provides players’ club members with the ability to view and redeem their direct-mail, automated casino management system offers (i.e. FreePlay) or lodging/dining offers via the secure player portal.

Gaming operators using ClubLinq can enjoy increased profitability through substantial savings via online opt-in for offers, reduction of operator liability by customer ownership of their loyalty account, and heightened brand identity through persistent interaction with club members.

The self-service aspect of ClubLinkq API is a big win for one judge. “I like the ability to print win/loss statements and change contact information. These are typically things the casino does not allow players to do on their own. In today’s world, players want the ability to do these things themselves.”

“It’s easy,” added another judge. “It creates a unified view for the patron of all their offers, points, etc., on a web /mobile portal. It also has the ability to generate both cost savings (reduction in direct mail and other marketing expenses) and to increase revenue by getting the offers out in real time.”


ReputationManager 360—

iovation ReputationManager 360 protects online businesses from fraud and abuse, while protecting the identity and privacy of its customers. A real-time SaaS solution tells clients if a customer visiting their site is likely to be good or bad based on the client’s specific business rules for evaluating the transaction. A reputation score and recommendation is delivered for every transaction sent to iovation, which allows clients to use an automated workflow, determining if they should proceed with the transaction, pass it to the risk team for review, or deny it outright.

iovation’s ReputationManager 360 tracks over 40 specific evidence types including bonus abuse (multiple accounts per player/device), collusion, arbitrage betting, chip dumping, self exclusion, credit card fraud, account takeover and identify theft.

“The best feature of the iovation ReputationManager 360 is access to the large database of devices connected to fraudulent behavior,” said one judge. “This allows for proactive elimination of potential threats.”

The pre-emptive powers of the product resonated with another judge: “As with anything new, staying a step ahead of the abusers is critical to any organization’s bottom line. ReputationManager 360 is designed to weed out non-profitable players and make sure integrity is always intact.”


 Rapid Revolver – Reel Motion

The Rapid Revolver cabinet combines a video reel experience with six vertically-mounted spinning reels in an oversized top box, giving players the opportunity to enjoy a unique combination of spinning reels and video base game play.

Rapid Revolver launches with two base game titles, Rising Dragon and Northern Treasure, both of which are driven by Konami’s KP3 platform and feature fully rendered 3D graphics. In Rising Dragon, players look to trigger the free game bonus by lining up the feature symbols. Before the free games begin, the vertical reels in the top box begin to spin and when they stop, each reel determines the number of extra dragon wilds added to the reels for the free games. The more symbols that trigger the free games, the more reels unlock in the top box and the greater chance for wins.

In addition to free games, players look to trigger the Revolver feature with special five-of-a-kind awards. In the Revolver feature, the six vertical reels spin again, this time revealing credit award prizes that are multiplied by the player’s bet level. When the Revolver feature is triggered, the upper-most reel reveals a bonus multiplier or an opportunity to win one of the four level progressives. Again, the spinning vertical reels reveal letters one at a time to determine which level of the progressive is won. These multiple features and a synchronized and highly experiential lighting display that links the video reels and top box add excitement and entertainment to the game.

One judge called Rapid Revolver, “very eye catching,” and said the game appears to be very fast-paced with unique bonuses and visual effects.

 “Konami continues to develop new and exciting product and Rapid Revolver adds a new chapter,” said another judge. “The use of a physical top box secondary bonus game is a great addition to the Konami library.”


SaffariNet Multimedia Ecosystem

The SaffariNet wired or wireless system is completely separate from any existing casino system, although it can co-exist seamlessly with any existing system. The system is multi-faceted and is completely agnostic to any brand of gaming machine or casino system. Moreover, SaffariNet features can be combined with access to additional game device peripherals such as the touch screen, bill validator, and ticket printer, as well as mobile devices, for increased player interactivity.

The SaffariNet Multimedia Ecosystem provides operators with substantial new revenue opportunities in retrofittable picture-in-picture capability; marketing, bonusing and tournament campaigns; thin client gaming; and real-time promotional couponing.

One judge said SaffariNet is an innovative way to connect multiple devices wirelessly and create a bonusing system that is independent of the underlying CMS.

“The flexibility of the system and adaptability of the product are the best features of this system,” said another judge. “An operator can choose to go wired or wireless, the system can be installed on all video gaming platforms, and the SaffariNet system can be utilized regardless of the manufacturer of the slot system in use.”


 Locaid Compliance API

The Locaid Compliance application programming interface (API) provides the mobile and Internet gambling industry with a solution to ensure that gaming operators are compliant with strict state regulatory requirements regarding payer location when gambling.

Locaid is the mobile industry’s leading provider of location and geofencing solutions, and Locaid Compliance API, through a standard SOAP interface, allows users to pre-configure rule-based zones based on their own or provided geoboundaries (shapes representative of areas of interest, including inclusion/exclusion areas). Once configured, users submit locations (in the form of latitude and longitude) to be evaluated against the established zone.

Locaid understands the regulations that prohibit patrons from accessing mobile gaming from out-of-state or, in New Jersey’s case, from parking garages and parking lots, whether or not they are located on the casino’s premises. While this might seem to complicate compliance, Locaid Compliance API meets that need with its unique design that enables it to locate patrons no matter where they are.

One judge cited Locaid’s established track record with online gaming operators globally while giving a thumbs-up to the product. “Locaid Compliance helps operators solve one of the most complex issues facing our industry today and keeps them in compliance with state and federal laws,” the judge said.” The ability of Locaid Compliance to keep players from locations not authorized to play is an essential tool.”

MICROS mTablet

The new MICROS mTablet mobile device and MICROS mStation stand provide hospitality and casino industries a new business solution for food and beverage (F&B) order taking and payment processing. The mStation, as the companion to the removable mTablet, provides the versatility and flexibility of a fully connected food and beverage POS workstation, protecting investments in new or existing peripherals and network infrastructure. The mStation and portable mTablet offer a new level of mobility, elegance and service adaptability. Unlike consumer devices, the MICROS mTablet delivers performance on a 10.1-inch LCD touch screen including an option Daylight Viewable Technology that makes the mTablet easily viewed in direct sunlight. Other characteristics include the spill and drop resistant casework, a temperature range of 14°F to 140°F, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offline standalone resiliency.

The mTablet provides secure, fully integrated payment and casino comp processing to gaming systems, without fragile adapters or plug-ins, and uses the latest WiFi and Bluetooth standards. The mStation is a fully connected POS workstation capable of fixed or portable use with expansive peripheral connectivity. Different from other mobile stands, mStation provides an integrated array of available customer-facing displays for promotional marketing opportunities and enhanced order accuracy.

Judges remarked on the opportunity for increased sales as well as the operational benefits afforded by this product. “Overall this looks like a robust system that has the potential to increase service for all point-of-sales transactions,” said one.

“The MICROS mtablet brings service directly to the guest and should create a more efficient logistical operation,” commented another judge. “Any casino with MICROS should be looking to use these tablets.”


Maximum Player Experience Cabinet

Multimedia Games’ Maximum Player Experience Cabinet is the first cabinet from Multimedia to feature a 40-inch full 1080p HD display, sound chair with Earthquake Shakers and 6.2 custom surround sound, and game-controlled LED runway lighting. Players have an in-your-face experience when they sit down as the oversized gaming display comes to life with its animation and lighting features, creating an immersive, realistic feel.

The stimulation doesn’t end there though as the integrated, interactive sound chair elevates the game to new heights by further engaging the player through the rumble and tumble of each game play. The integrated LCD button panel and touch screen gives the cabinet an interactive aspect. In addition, the cabinet comes with its own series of games that were specifically designed to be showcased through the oversized monitor and integrated sound chair. The MPX cabinet isn’t for the standard slot machine player; it’s for those that are seeking the ultimate senses-tingling thrill when they sit down at a game.

“I really like the Earthquake Shaker feature of the machine,” said one judge. “It’s a simplistic way to add sensory experience to the games without creating a complicated motion simulation. Players will enjoy the surprise of the extra sensation.”

“The MPX cabinet has a lot of great features,” said another fan on the panel. “Even at a glance this cabinet stands out as being unique. The large monitor and integrated sound chair envelope players in an exciting experience, much more than playing an average game.”


Audit Manager

NEWave’s Audit Manager software makes a molehill out of a mountain. Auditing is a necessary function for every casino and the associated costs in time, personnel and physical storage space can be extremely expensive. And, depending on the jurisdiction, audit exceptions can keep the casino from even opening. Audit Manger can be used for any type of audit and automates and digitizes a wide range of audit functions across the entire operation, reducing costs and making exceptions easy to find and correct. It streamlines operations by digitizing paperwork from across the entire operation—gaming and non-gaming—compiling an electronic database of information that is easily searchable.

With Audit Manager, casinos can also use the software for any type of audit starting with the audit checklist, actual audit with/without scanning of documents and the audit finding/exception reports tracking.

“I would recommend this product because it streamlines the workflow and reduces the amount of time it takes to do the daily audit,” said one judge. “It brings efficiency to audit and cage functions.”

Another judge said called the product “another great tool from NEWave,” adding that, “every casino accounting department should thoroughly evaluate NEWave to see if their products would be a fit for their environment.”


NWJE University

Employees from every area of the operation can be trained on a wide range of topics with NEWave’s NWJE University, including mandatory Title 31 training and optional learning modules ranging from dealing procedures to recognizing problem gambling. Because NWJE University is web-based, training can be conducted anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection.

NWJE University begins with mandatory Title 31 training, which is more efficient and has more accountability than ever. Created and produced in partnership with JOSEPH EVE Certified Public Accountants, NWJE University online training course content was developed by leading CPAs specifically for NWJE University’s Title 31 curriculum. The program has several up-to-date modules for casino staff, including history of Title 31; suspicious activity reporting; and currency transaction reporting. Each module is guided by a host and gives real-world scenarios and examples to help learning progress. Practice quizzes at the end of each section help the user to discover which parts of the training they absolutely understand and which areas need more review. Testing is conducted and submitted online, and the program automatically alerts management when employees are due for re-training and re-testing. All testing at NWJE University is designed with department-specific questions, with a selectable number of SAR-related and Title 31-related questions. User management can also customize the test passing percentage to each department.

“This is a great product that allows operators to train their employees at their convenience,” said one judge, whose comments reflected the overall group sentiment. “Too often training is scheduled during times that are convenient for the facilitators and not the attendees. This product addresses that while making the training very interactive.”


Robust Online Client (ROC)

Spin Games’ Robust Online Client (ROC) is a for-wager game content delivery system designed to streamline the delivery of gaming content for the interactive market segment. Serving as a full-functioning remote gaming server (RGS), the ROC is designed to integrate with most popular back-end systems used by today’s gaming operators, to allow for a complete interactive gaming solution. The ROC was developed for rapid content deployment on multiple platforms. The goal was to create a plug-and-play dynamic for providers, allowing Spin Games to deliver content to the players with minimal overhead to the back-end provider.

ROC supports the following functionality: logging, reporting and security; game store function allowing operators to download approved games; an evaluation tool that evaluates game play and performance; redundancy and maintenance functionality; and modular development architecture. With minimal changes to Spin’s base game engines, it can adapt to new jurisdictional requirements without long development cycles. The ROC development console supports the ability to use HTML5 game engines as well as Flash, Unity, and C supported languages.

One judge called ROC a fully integrated end-to-end-product. “The support of multiple platforms such as iOS and Android devices is critical as users continue to transition from stationary computers to mobile devices,” said another judge.


Play4Fun Network

The Williams Interactive Play4Fun Network combines social gaming mechanics and best-in-class mobile marketing technology to create a free-play, white-label iGaming platform through which land-based casinos can build engaged online player communities.

By leveraging the authentic Vegas-style slot games in the Williams Interactive game library, and wrapping them in social gaming mechanics proven out by hundreds of thousands of daily players on the popular Jackpot Party Social Casino (on Facebook, iOS and Android), Williams Interactive provides a compelling, heavily retentive online gaming experience completely white-labeled to a casino’s brand and marketing aesthetics. By building into the product’s marketing capabilities, casino operators and marketing teams are able to target players wherever they enjoy the social casino games included in the Play4Fun Network—on their desktop computers, tablet devices or mobile devices—with personalized messages and marketing offers tailored for their loyalty tier, physical location, in-casino, online behaviors, and more. By leveraging the award-winning Mobile Loyalty System from Joingo, casino operators can market to their patrons via mobile channels and market more intelligently by tying into existing CRM databases and targeting patrons using sophisticated segmentation tools that include patron history, personal preferences and geographic location, in real time on all mobile devices.

“The product takes full advantage of its ability using the Mobile Loyalty System from Joingo,” said one judge. “This allows custom contact based on information obtained from the CRM system. This advanced marketing solution tied to the fun and excitement of the Play4Fun Network allows casinos to create more brand loyalty.”

Another judge said the ability to try out the experience without having to sign up or give personal information is a great hook. “Once the players have tried it out, odds are they will sign up and play regularly.”