031314 POTW_Fusion Hybrid counsel from SHFL entertainment_300Charles Town, W.Va.-based Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races  is the first casino in North America to feature Fusion Hybrid from SHFL entertainment, an exciting new eTable game fusing live table gaming with electronic wagering plus the option for concurrent game?play.

Fusion Hybrid, which has generated immense interest in Australia and Asia, features a live dealer and electronic betting interface, with a multigame feature. This allows for up to four games to be played at once. To start, the e?table games will offer any combination of live baccarat and live roulette.

Considered very user?friendly, the Fusion Hybrid interactive interface features a wide screen and easy?to?navigate tabs displaying table status, countdown, wagers and results plus the ability to quickly switch among games. This offers an action?packed experience that allows players to control their own pace. For some, it’s a natural bridge between fully electronic table games and live table games.

SHFL entertainment is a division of Bally Technologies North America. For more information, visit www.shfl.com.