Ask the average gaming executive what he/she would like to have a better handle on when it comes to the day-to-day operation of the casino enterprise, and the topic of technology is likely to lead many lists.

Indeed, the pace of technological change within and without the gaming industry is such that staying apprised of the latest labor- and money-saving devices and systems, not to mention transformative communications and computing products and other customer-facing advances, can be a full-time activity. This is where events such as Gaming Technology Conference (GTC), which took place last month at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, prove their worth by allowing the harried executive a chance to learn about the latest casino technology trends and view cutting-edge systems and services in one place at one time.

An outstanding speaker roster of over 50 top gaming industry professionals, drawn from the ranks of information technology, finance, marketing and operations, participated in sessions include getting connected and staying connected to your guests, Cloud and wireless strategy, mobile marketing, Internet gaming operations, regulatory updates and social media strategies.

GTC also had a trade show floor that showcased the latest technology products from slot and casino equipment suppliers; presentations to the winners of the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product contest and the announcement of the contest’s platinum, gold, silver and attendees choice awards recipients (see story on page 18). Receptions and networking events were also part of the GTC mix.

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