050114 GTR_JCM Blobal Logo_300The Cromwell Las Vegas is the Strip’s newest property, and JCM Global has won 100 percent of the casino’s bill validator business. The Strip’s first luxury standalone boutique hotel is now open and protected by JCM’s award?winning iVIZION and UBA bill validators, according to a company press release.

The drop process is managed by JCM’s award?winning ICB Intelligent Cash Box. The Cromwell is the first Las Vegas property owned by Caesars Entertainment to implement ICB technology.

“This is an exciting time in Las Vegas, and we are very excited to be a part of this incredible new property,” said Mark Henderson, vice president of worldwide sales for JCM Global. “The Cromwell sought out the very best for its guests in room product, dining options and nightlife. Our award?winning iVIZION, UBA and ICB fit in perfectly with that mix and bring better, smarter, faster transaction solutions to the Cromwell.”
JCM’s iVIZION is the foundation of intelligent validation, with advanced validation security features and anti-stringing technology. JCM’s UBA is one of the most widely used bill validators in the global gaming industry. JCM’s ICB with web reports reduces human error in the drop process, speeds accounting and allows for a wide range of customizable, web?enabled reports, putting the power of information into practical application.