The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is making rapid progress in its Online Gaming Committee to establish a universal online gaming standard for the industry, according to a press release issued by the association.

“A successful online gaming operation requires multiple integrations with third parties including external content providers, monitoring authorities and, in many cases, brick-and-mortar operation,” said Valery Gelfman, technical consultant for Playtech and chair of GSA’s Online Gaming Committee. “Playtech is pleased to work with GSA and help drive the effort towards establishing integration standards based on best practices. Such standards, without a doubt, will benefit all constituencies in the industry and help create value.”

“The new standard will provide support for third-party gaming interfaces, external interfaces, including geo-location and payment processors, and central monitoring for regulators,” said Ethan Tower, GSA’s protocol director.

“GSA is moving forward quickly with the creation of standards to support the online gaming industry,” added Peter DeRaedt, GSA president. “This is not the time for suppliers or operators to sit on the sidelines. We encourage all interested parties to jump in with both feet to ensure that their voices and opinions are heard as these important standards are being created and finalized.”

Only members of GSA can participate in GSA’s technical committees creating and managing the standards that drive the gaming industry. The Online Gaming Committee will hold meetings in London next week, hosted by Playtech.