050914 POTW_Puppy Plunder Bally _300With a cartoon puppy causing mayhem and two entertaining bonuses, players won’t be able to resistPuppy Plunder.

This five-reel, 40-line, 2,000 credits max bet game is available in multiple denominations from one cent to $1,000.

Available on the ALPHA 2 Pro V32, Puppy Plunder includes a Random Wilds feature and the interactive Puppy Bonus.

Three or more scattered Bonus Bowl symbols trigger the Puppy Bonus. During this interactive pick bonus, 15 icons are displayed on the 32-inch screen and on the iDeck multi-touch button panel. Players use a cannon to launch the daring puppy head-first into the icons, which award credits, multipliers, or extra picks.

Puppy Plunder also offers a Random Wilds feature that occurs on average every 10 spins. At the end of each spin, the puppy may drop a tennis ball onto the reels to transform random symbols into wilds.

With the unique Puppy Bonus and frequent Random Wilds feature, Puppy Plunder offers an entertaining experience for players looking for something different.

For more information, visit www.ballytech.com.