061314 GTR_VGT Frakenstein_300VGT’s new breakthrough platform is proving Class II can deliver the technical sophistication and design quality of Class III gaming—and then some.

“The XSpin platform raises the bar in a gaming market with a reputation for less game variety and wow factor compared to Class III,” said Jon Yarbrough, CEO for VGT in a prepared statement. “Players haven’t seen anything like this before.”

For casino operators, the XSpin platform delivers on VGT’s promise to add competitive Class II video to its product lineup. “Our mechanical reel games are very popular, but video products make up more than half of the gaming market today,” said James Starr, VGT’s executive vice president of sales. “The technical architecture of the XSpin platform can deliver high-quality video—and later, additional mechanical reel—games to market quickly for the benefit of customers and players.”

According to company press materials, the first two games on the XSpin platform to hit casino floors are Frankenstein and Lizards on the Loose, which promise players a world-class gaming experience complete with high-impact 3D images, film-quality animation and unrivaled sound. “In addition to visual quality, these games bring a level of edginess to gaming for players looking for something unique,” said Ryan Cuddy, VGT’s vice president of game design.

Frankenstein uses realistic imagery for a horror-film experience. Most of the game is displayed in black and white, but flashes of red, lightning strikes and the sounds of thunder make appearances to provide an extra level of entertainment.

Lizards on the Loose increases the level of engagement with players by injecting bold personalities into the characters. The main character interacts during game play by helping to turn symbols wild and gain players free spins.

VGT’s business plan calls for the placement of more than 1,000 machines on the XSpin platform and the release of six new video game titles before the end of the year.