070114 POTW_Vinovium Partners KeyKeg_300Austin, Texas-based Vinovium Partners, a regional wine négociant, has announced the availability of a range of fine wines in 20-liter kegs for sale to restaurants, bars, caterers, casinos, concessionaires, and cruise-ship companies throughout the United States.

In its quest to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of bringing wine from wineries to customers, Vinovium Partners has partnered with the Netherlands-based makers of the KeyKeg, a single-use, 100 percent recyclable plastic keg that provides numerous advantages for wine buyers and servers. According to company press materials, these advantages include:

• Less Product Spoilage and Waste: Because the wine is contained in a commercial-quality pouch sealed inside the keg, wine is protected from the exposure to light and especially air that can compromise the quality of wine. Whereas an opened bottle of wine must be consumed within days, wine in a KeyKeg can stay fresh for at least six months after first opened.

• Ease of Use: The kegs come with a reusable quick connect / disconnect stainless steel coupler that works with the CO2 systems already in use in many restaurants and bars, or with a hand pump (ideal for caterers and off-site wine service); nitrogen or oxygen replacement is not required. The KeyKeg design incorporates a stable foot flange and a heavy duty, recyclable plastic collar that allows up to three kegs to be stacked on top of one another without risking stability.

• Ease of Logistics: Because the KeyKegs are 100 percent recyclable, there’s no need store, clean and sterilize, or return empty kegs. The kegs are simply flattened and dropped off any recycling location accepting plastics.

• Less Storage Space Required: Each keg carries the equivalent of 26 standard 750-ml bottles of wine, with a smaller cubic volume than two bottled-and-boxed cases of wine.

• Much Less Waste (by Weight and Volume): An emptied keg and its coupler weigh just 2.4 pounds; when empty, the heavy duty plastic collar is quickly unscrewed and the keg itself easily flattened for 100 percent recyclability at any recycling station that accepts plastics. By contrast, the glass and corrugated required to package the 5.2 gallons of wine contained in a KeyKeg weighs nearly 30 pounds and takes up far more cubic space when disposed of than an empty, flattened KeyKeg.

Vinovium Partners, founded in 2012 with an eye toward nationwide distribution from its inception, will be introducing additional high quality, value-priced wines in alternative environmentally-friendly packaging types.

For more information, visit www.vinoviumpartners.com.