070114 POTW_Illinois Locks_300Illinois Lock Company, a Wheeling, Ill.-based manufacturer of installed locks for a wide range of applications, has introduced a new tubular kiosk lock designed to provide seven-pin security for iPads and tablets used in display kiosks while taking up minimal space.

According to company literature, the PL518 push-in style tubular lock is ideal for space-limited kiosk installation. The design allows for more than quarter-inch of shaft travel, yet the lock has a very small profile on the kiosk surface. It operates with a seven-pin tumbler mechanism that offers much higher security (providing up to 500 key codes) than four tumbler locks provide. The lock surface bezel is available in two attractive finishes, bright chrome and satin nickel to enhance the overall appearance of the kiosk.

In addition to the PL518, Illinois Lock offers a wide of variety of kiosk locks, including the ultra-small BC520XS and a variety of in stock locks to fit specific kiosk locking requirements.

For more information, visit www.illinoislock.com.