070114 POTW_Bally David Copperfield_300David Copperfield has sold more tickets worldwide than any other solo entertainer in history and has 21 Emmy wins to his credit. Year after year, he continues to perform sold?out shows around the world. Now you can astonish your players all over again with The Magic of David Copperfield progressive video slot featuring one of the greatest illusionists of all time.

Featured on Bally’s ALPHA 2 Pro V22 with Digital Tower, The Magic of David Copperfield transports players into its unique gaming experience through a 42?inch, 1080p high?definition display. This five?reel, 25?line, 320 credits max bet game with a bonus bet of 15 credits times the bet per line is available in a one?cent denomination.

Players will delight in the incorporated video, as well as the mind?blowing wide?area progressive on Bally’s Cash Connection link (the game is also be available as a near?area progressive).
The Magic of David Copperfield is highlighted by the massive Death Saw Bonus Feature, which slices its way to credit awards, free games, or the progressive jackpot. Flying Free Games and Levitation Free Games feature incredible video of these famous illusions from Copperfield’s legendary performances.

For more information, visit www.ballytech.com.