Hunter Hunstock
Hunter Hunstock
New technology is the most effective tool in increasing personalized service in order to build and retain players’ club membership. Leveraging the latest technology now enables us to bridge the gap between personalized service and immediate delivery.

When your patrons are deciding where to take friends or family for a great experience, will your casino or a competitor’s be their first choice?

This case study offers mobile solutions for casinos to handle the large crowds, eliminating long lines without adding staff, enrolling new guests into the players’ club from anywhere on the floor in a cost-efficient manner, and establishing strong relationships in the process.



Margaritaville properties continue to embrace Playersoft Technologies’ products at its Louisiana-based Margaritaville Bossier City. First deployed at the company’s Biloxi, Miss., location, Margaritaville opened in the competitive Shreveport-Bossier City market utilizing Playersoft’s Mobile Enrollment software on the Apple iPod Touch. Mobile Enrollment’s technology seamlessly integrates with the casino player system interface allowing for real time results. As the staff was already very familiar with Apple products, their learning curve to deploy Mobile Enrollment was straightforward and enjoyable.

The Margaritaville staff uses the system to assist new players’ club guests from anywhere on the casino floor by replacing a lost card or scanning for duplicates in the customer database. In less than 60 seconds, staff can scan the driver’s license, verify age, capture an e-mail or phone number, and set a four-digit PIN number. By streamlining the enrollment process while creating improved data accuracy during the sign-up process, it gives the staff an opportunity to be more personally involved with the guest experience. The advances in mobile technology are creating a new affordable opportunity for casinos to manage the enrollment and data accuracy of guests.

Using an Apple iPod Touch makes the entire system small, lightweight and easy to use. Other casinos are selecting the Apple iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad as an alternative to suit their specific needs. With a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, the casino staff now has every reason to engage new patrons, establish meaningful relationships and gather market intelligence.

While staff enjoy Mobile Enrollment for its ease of use and a great entrée to establish new relationships, casino patrons benefit from the technology as well. Players never have to leave their seats because the Margaritaville staff watches their assigned sector of the floor to identify guests who are not making use of their players’ club card. Lost cards are no longer a problem when a duplicate card can be delivered on the spot. Resetting forgotten PINs and updating player contact information without the need to stand in a line or wait for service. Mobile Enrollment also features an offline mode allowing staff to reach out to players at offsite events adding even greater reach and furthering the players’ experience. It creates a positive impression of the level of service the casino is willing to provide.

“Our clients come from all walks of life because of Margaritaville’s laid back image,” said Brandon Yaconis, players’ club manager for Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City. “The only way we can increase retention is to work hard at enhancing that image. Mobile Enrollment does that by providing immediate results.”

From a business prospective, Margaritaville is seeing the effects of the Mobile Enrollment platform in revenue, guest service and controlling expenses. They find many new guests are not familiar with the benefits of a players’ club membership, would like to know more, but are afraid to ask. Mobile Enrollment is the casino’s solution to break the ice and create a positive experience for new guests.

Mobile technology provides a fast and simple solution for the operator to continually and quickly build the player database with accurate and reliable data while providing an exceptional experience for the guest, with no waiting. Mobile technology is a solution worth considering to improve your customer service and grow your bottom line.