When the first automated teller machines (ATMs) were introduced to the general populace, most everyone was satisfied, elated in fact, when the kiosk flawlessly performed it sole task—dispensing money without the hassle of going to the bank, filling out deposit slips and standing in line for an available teller.

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But as with most innovations, this initial sense of wonder and satisfaction with the rudimentary ATM/kiosk did not last very long. Today, the modern ATM/kiosk has evolved to quickly and efficiently handle most everyday financial transaction needs. The technology has become so accepted and necessary that ATMs and kiosks have become ubiquitous and commonplace in most every cash-intensive business environment, including casinos. If anything, ATM/kiosk technology has become vital to a smoothly running gaming operation, an essential customer-facing cog in the TITO cash payment and processing chain. As such, gaming operators are always on the lookout for the latest ATM/kiosk advancements that make patrons’ lives easier, streamline casino operations, or both.

Casino Journal is here to help with this recap of some recent ATM/kiosk product releases, system upgrades and casino placements.


One thing most ATM/kiosk manufacturers have in common is that they’re constantly upgrading proven product to keep pace with technological change. A company that falls into this group is Global Cash Access, a Las Vegas-based provider of innovative cash access, cash handling solutions and business intelligence services for gaming establishments that recently displayed its cutting-edge line of ATMs and kiosks at the Southern Gaming Summit in Biloxi, Miss.

“We remain committed to efficiency through innovation and are eager to demonstrate our newest and best products at this show,” said Scott Dowty, executive vice president sales and chief marketing officer for GCA.

Among the devices showcased by the company at the event were its Xchange Kiosks, a multi-functional suite of integrated kiosks that provide best-in-class cash handling technology, cash access, back office reporting tools and marketing services. According to company literature, Xchange was designed for casinos of all sizes, and provides comprehensive self-service solutions including ATM, credit and point-of-sale debit financial services, bill break, ticket redemption, patron point and comp redemption, marketing services and check cashing. With a combination of multiple TITO interfaces, high-capacity components, and marketing peripherals, Xchange’s fast and reliable cash access offers a multitude of options for both operators and patrons. Within the Xchange product line, the newest kiosk is the CXC 2.0 Lite, a sleek, light and modern multi-function kiosk designed to offer casino self-service, innovative cash handling solutions and critical cash access services for casino, route and lottery operators with a smaller device footprint.

GCA also showcased some back office systems designed to aid certain customer financial transactions such as Cash Club, which streamlines the processing of PIN debit cash advance, credit card cash advance, and check services all from a single dashboard. Cash Club is fast, intuitive, boasts a slick UI while delivering improved customization, detailed reporting, and best of breed in-house manageability. The product’s all-in-one terminal maximizes efficiencies, offers a small foot print and robust feature functionality capable of interfacing with evolving technology such as RFI, mobile, and NFC.



Much like GCA, Glory Global is constantly tinkering proven technology, and its latest upgrade to its casino kiosk and ATM is the SK-100B/100C. According to company literature, the SK-100B/100C offers user-friendly one-stop services for ATM, ticket redemption and bill breaking. With its rounded design and eye-catching multi-colour LED illumination, the SK-100B/100C is a stylish addition to casino decor. Operating tips are displayed on the large, bright, easy-to-see 15-inch touchscreen. The banknote validation/hopper section is positioned at a convenient height and features flickering lights that make it easy to find the insertion and dispense points. Casino patrons will appreciate the ATM’s outstanding ease of use, while operators will appreciate its many advanced features such as a multiple-ticket pay-off function that can process up to 10 tickets at the same time. Combined with a 30 percent higher transaction speed than previous models, this function reduces pay-out waiting time for patrons and lets the SK-100B/100C efficiently serve a continuous flow of patrons.

In addition to an upgraded ATM offering, Glory Global also has QuickChange (QC), a fully-automated, self-service coin deposit solution. With QC, casino customers can quickly and easily deposit their coin inventory without pre-sorting or waiting in line. 


Glory Global is not the only company looking to make a splash in the casino coin redemption kiosk business. Illinois-based Cummins Allison recently introduced Money Machine 2, a self-service coin counter that features greater overall capacity with 16 sorted bags, innovative bag management tools, counts that are more accurate than ever and a quieter, more cost-effective product. According to company literature, Money Machine 2 coin counter is the only self-service coin machine to offer 16 sorted-bag capacity, making it easier to manage and transport coin, and providing more flexibility for coin collection and pickup. Money Machine 2 sorts coin by denominations into up to 16 high-volume bags, for a combined capacity of 72,000 coins. Bag stations roll out for easy access and changing, and steps for changing full bags are simplified and the interactive display keeps training to a minimum.



The urge to produce a better casino ATM/kiosk is also alive and well at DiTRONICS, a Las Vegas-based developer of innovative multi-channel funds access solutions for the gaming industry. The company offers a fully integrated suite of products and services that includes: ATM and multi-function ticket redemption kiosks, check guarantee services, cash (funds) advance, debit POS, and digital wallet solutions for both online and bricks-and-mortar as well as mobile.

The company’s new DFS-200 casino kiosk is an “all-in-one” kiosk solution for ATM, ticket redemption, bill breaking and check cashing transactions. Unique features include the Advanced Bill Mix Control, which allows operators to customize and define the bill break, ticket redemption and ATM transaction denomination presentation for their customers. The DFS-200’s flexible infrastructure gives operators the option to host the ATM/kiosk themselves or take advantage of the Hosted Solution Option provided by DiTRONICS, which manages the ATM/kiosk solution in real time with savings on hardware, time and effort invested in developing and managing information technology.



In addition to product upgrades, part of a successful ATM/kiosk business involves actually selling the product, and U.S. Bank Gaming Services recently has some good news in this area, announcing it had expanded its ATM and ticket redemption kiosk processing and cash access services relationship with Caesars Entertainment and its related entities.

The contract is a long-term renewal for turnkey ATM and kiosk processing services for 18 of Caesars’ casinos in Arizona, California, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio. U.S. Bank Gaming Services was also awarded 17 additional casinos in New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

“We have been a client of U.S. Bank since 2010, and have enjoyed the considerable resources and commitment that U.S. Bank devotes to meet our service needs,” Shannon Yoo, director of enterprise operational finance for Caesars Entertainment said in a prepared statement.



Robocoin, the producers of ATMs that accept Bitcoin, also had some recent product placement news to crow about, installing its devices at the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel.

According to company press materials, the Robocoin Bitcoin ATM allows the buying and selling of Bitcoin from freestanding kiosks that integrate user-friendly software, bank-grade hardware and security, and 100 percent Federal compliance capabilities. The ATM will allow customers to deposit cash into their Bitcoin wallets as well as exchange Bitcoin for dollars.

“We’re proud to be the first casino property to accept Bitcoin and we’re excited to offer our customers the convenience of a Bitcoin ATM,” said Derek Stevens, co-owner and CEO of  D Las Vegas.