Belterra Casino ResortLast year, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Belterra Casino Resort was running a standard social media program that had plateaued. Posts happened as planned, but engagement from followers was a crapshoot. Occasionally contests would yield a spike in activity, but often the property management crossed its and hoped that the audience would engage. There was no system to track feedback, return on investment, or the impact of efforts on revenue. That’s when Steve Newsome, the social media manager for Belterra, partnered with Boostchatter, a social loyalty platform provider.

Through Boostchatter, a follower can earn points each time they engage with a company’s social media story; the more they engage, the more points they collect, according to company literature. Accumulated points can be cashed in for rewards like a free appetizer, buffet, or stay at the hotel. There are safeguards against binge engagement or abuse, and the team at Boost is flexible when it comes to customizing the platform to meet unique needs. Belterra enjoyed the custom support they received to meet their needs.

Startup was simple for Belterra, according to Newsome. “We spent the most time determining what our rewards would be and how we would distribute them as a part of our pre-existing internal processes. The rest was incredibly easy,” he said.

The Belterra team was approved to use Boostchatter by the Indiana Gaming Commission and then set a date to launch. In the first week after going live, over 1,000 people signed up to participate in the program. The Belterra team was very pleased with the immediate results of a 4 percent engagement jump.

After just six months, Belterra can directly attribute $150,000 in gaming value to their partnership with Boostchatter. They are influential among competitors—Belterra is the third smallest database in the market, but they control 30 percent of the social media voice in the gaming space. There is a consistent buzz about Boostchatter on Belterra’s platforms. Followers look forward to new rewards and promotions as the program evolves. Guests ask for the program by name and regularly inquire if tickets to special events will be available as rewards.

Newsome added the property continues to see a return on their investment with Boostchatter. “The detailed information that Boostchatter provides is very valuable,” he said. “We can see a user’s complete history of engagement and how influential they are in the social media sphere.

“The team at Boostchatter gets it done… They know how to monetize social media for the benefit of their clients.”  Visit for more info.