Micro Gaming TechnologiesMicro Gaming Technologies (MGT) designs and develops software to automate, track and report all of a casino’s promotions. The MGT software applications interface bi-directionally with existing player tracking system (Aristocrat, Bally, IGT, and Konami) and a touchscreen kiosk. MGT’s newest development also allows its software to interface with slot machines as well as kiosks.

The kiosk (or slot machine) becomes an employee that knows every player in the database, can evaluate the historical gaming activity and use the information to determine an appropriate prize based on the patron’s gaming value. The real-time Promotional Intelligence controls how much of the promotion budget is distributed to each patron.

The kiosk can issue prizes by printing a bar-coded voucher or electronically posting the prize to the player’s account. Electronic prizes include: slot free play, ticketless drawing entries, points, comps, ticketless drawing entry multipliers, point multipliers and comp multipliers. Visit www.mgtinc.net for more info.