071714 POTW_First data PayLucky logo_300In person or online, the U.S. gambling market is evolving rapidly, with new technologies and more participants coming to the gaming table. In response to increasing demand for ease and convenience in this complex and growing industry, First Data, a global leader in payment technology and services solutions, has launched PayLucky Solutions for legalized online and offline gambling and gaming. The forums for this activity are wide and ever expanding, including land?based casinos, Native?American gaming, racetrack betting (pari?mutuel), lotteries and poker, among others.

The global market for this industry, which First Data is preparing to enter, represents a large and fast?moving flow of money. According to H2 Gambling Capital, global online gambling revenue reached $36.7 billion in 2013. By 2017, the U.S. is expected to represent more than 15 percent of revenue in this market with $2.6 billion of the U.S. player revenues generated by onshore regulated activity.

While the growth has been impressive, the industry has been continually challenged with the need to manage an array of providers offering multiple payment options for operators and their players to participate. In response, PayLucky Solutions offer an innovative package of comprehensive payment services that includes:

• Giving players instant funding access by removing the typically long wait for payment verification and giving financially qualified players the ability to immediately play;

• Making payment acceptance risk?free by protecting operators with qualified players to decrease payment risk and guarantee player funding using TeleCheck Warranty ACH service, which uses third party validation and provides proprietary analysis on individual spending habits;

• Enabling players to get their winnings fast by ensuring players can quickly access their funds through several options including an open loop or closed loop prepaid card, ACH deposit to a checking account or paper check; and

• Driving innovation by providing new payment options for gambling deposits and VIP programs so that qualified players can participate at higher levels; and by linking loyalty programs to payments through secure mobile app or wallet solutions

For more information, visit www.firstdata.com.