072314 TTT_Open face Poker Platfrom from Flop River Turn_300FlopTurnRiver.com recently unveiled the newest version of its Open Face Chinese and OFC Pineapple Poker platform.

According to company press materials, Open Face Chinese Poker and the related Pineapple OFC version are two forms of poker rapidly growing in popularity. With limited options to play these forms of poker online, FlopTurnRiver.com developed its own platform to deliver these multi?player games to the public for free. Now, OFC and OFC Pineapple players can play their favorite games while earning FTR points at the same time.

Different from other OFC apps, FTR's platform allows players to take a seat at the table of their choice and begin playing against another person or a bot immediately. Players can choose the stakes they want to play and find specific competitors with ease. With a plush green felt background, FTR's OFC platform has the feel of live action while providing the life?like virtual experience of playing Open Face Chinese Poker.

In addition to giving poker players the chance to play OFC anytime of day or night, Flop Turn River's redesigned platform gives people the chance to amass FTR Points which can be redeemed for exclusive FTR gear, including t?shirts, hats, key chains and card protectors, in the near future. Individuals will also be able use their FTR Points to buy into special freerolls and money?added events hosted by FlopTurnRiver.com beginning in the upcoming weeks.

For more information, visit www.flopturnriver.com.