081414 POTW_Accusta pnaals from BeauFurn_300The trend toward open work spaces, open lobbies and open restaurants means fewer barriers for noise. And while the open concept isn’t going anywhere, the noise is. Without barriers, sound travels across spaces and reverberates off surfaces until it loses all its energy, creating a disruptive environment.

To address this need, Beaufurn introduces Accusta, a contemporary collection of sound absorbing, acoustic panels designed to mitigate noise in contract, hospitality, entertainment and institutional environments.

The Italian-designed, flat and pyramid-shaped panels combine acoustic improvement with aesthetics. Created to relieve excessive reverberation, Accusta comes as wall or ceiling panels in seven different colors (or COM) which can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve modern or classic patterns. The result is a selection of panels that not only reduce noise, but also enhance the visual experience.

Accusta panels boast certified sound absorption and tests show that they also significantly improve architectural acoustics. Their perforated sur¬face allows sound waves to travel into the core, being absorbed. The three-dimensional section of the acoustic panel prevents the sound waves from bouncing straight back, avoiding echoes.

The space-efficient, 17-inch- by 17-inch-panels are created with molded, medium density polyester felt and covered with a colored polyester fabric.

For more information, visit www.beaufurn.com.