081414 POTW_Jukebox Slots from Greyshore tech_300Greyshore Technology, a software developer of the online crypto?currency platform and virtual wallet website www.MyBigCoin.com, has launched Jukebox Slots, a new free-play online gaming platform.

Jukebox Slots players can listen to their favorite music while playing slots, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and other popular table games all for free. Jukebox Slots offer real?time player tracking and bonuses, like a traditional slot, but players get points for playing all casino games, not just slots.

The online gaming licensed platforms will accept digital currency MyBigCoin as its sole payment method, this will enable the platform users to seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds when using MyBigCoin.

For more information, visit www.greyshoretechnology.com.