081414 POTW_Digital pachinko game from CMK Gaming _300CMK Gaming International has engaged Route 1 Games, a U.K. game developer and publisher, to develop and publish a digital pachinko game for mobile phones and tablets.

CMK will allow players of its mobile game to win points and rewards that may be redeemed in its pachinko parlor being developed in its Salt Lake City, Utah, location. This year, CMK purchased a wholly?owned subsidiary that owns and operates the company's first three pachinko parlors in Japan. Management expects its pachinko parlor to gain significant popularity upon its opening and become a major entertainment venue in Salt Lake City. CMKI believes that its mobile game will help drive customers to its parlor and introduce players to the modern versions of pachinko that are available today in Japan

Pachinko is a mixture of slot machine and pinball. Players try to direct the balls into special holes that will win the player points and exchange those points for gifts at the parlors gift shop. Like with slot machines, there is a variety of different types of these machines located in pachinko parlors and a player can win if the same three pictures appear or the balls are properly guided to a certain location of the game panel. Both men and women play pachinko and it is said that there are even a few pachinko professionals. If you win balls, you can exchange them into goods that are available in the parlor's gift shop.

For more information, visit www.cmkgaming.com.