082114 GTR_Opticity logo logo_300Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel, the flagship Treasure Bay property located in Biloxi, Miss., has selected Opticity as its data warehouse and customer relationship management service.

Having already achieved strong growth in recent years, Treasure Bay is looking to Opticity to gain a competitive advantage that will position the property for continued success in an increasingly competitive market, according to company press materials.

"When we saw Opticity we knew immediately it was what we've been missing,” said Ryan Meister, director of marketing for Treasure Bay Casino in a prepared statement. “It combines data from several systems creating a complete view of our marketing efforts. It gives us the answers we need to make decisions based on facts and cumulative player data."

By providing this marketing-ready data directly to managers, Opticity eliminates the need for expensive business intelligence programs, as well as the need for SQL queries and Excel heroics.

"We're excited to provide our CRM solution to Treasure Bay, and confident they will see real benefits from joining their player tracking, hotel, POS and kiosk data together," said Adam Smithline, CEO for Opticity. "When you mix Opticity's self-service reporting and data analysis capabilities with Treasure Bay's experienced and capable management team you have a recipe for success."

Based in Silicon Valley, and designed specifically for casinos, Opticity offers an affordable alternative to the data warehouse offerings of larger casino software vendors. The platform, developed by a team of leading experts in all facets of data science and business intelligence, is robust, accurate and highly secure.