As the industry prepares for Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2014, which will take place Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, the topic at the forefront of just about everyone’s minds is the dramatic consolidation of top gaming vendors, many of whom are profiled in this year’s edition of World of Slots.

As you read through these profiles, you may be forgiven for noting how many of the companies included here will be flying under a different flag next year, starting with industry leaders International Game Technology (IGT) and Bally Technologies. Aristocrat has gotten into the game itself, as an acquirer (VGT) rather than as an acquiree. And there was a big deal on the peripherals side with JCM purchasing FutureLogic.

Of course, no one expects the dealmaking to completely stop between now and show time, so next year’s World of Slots may profile an even more exclusive group. Thus it is with a certain sense of looming nostalgia that we present this pre-consolidated rendition, certainly the last of its kind, of World of Slots:


G2E booth number: 1864

Ainsworth continued its A Winning Play theme at this year’s G2E with the all new A560SL, a one-screen wonder specially designed and custom built for a unique, highly entertaining game range. The A560SL features a striking 32-inch high-definition display, 19-inch LCD topper option for jackpot promotion, a lighting package stylized to the game, premium surround sound technology, sky-high stacks and the latest in animations.

The A560SL will premiere with a packed range of standout game brands including Rumble Rumble, Whopper Reels, Bonus Bonanza, Rampaging Rhino, Frontier, 5 Star Jackpots, Order of the Dragons, Fire Wizard and Ice Wizard. Additional games are due for release FY2014-2015.

 “This is a very exciting year for Ainsworth with the recent launch of the new A560SL cabinet game range,” said Mike Dreitzer, president-North America for Ainsworth. “We’ve pushed the boundaries of technology with our latest cabinet to ensure improved sound, graphics and a range of branded games.”

At G2E 2014, visitors will be able to take a first glance at Ainsworth’s high-profile licensed products Showgirls and Sound of Music.

Other new games Ainsworth will be debuting at G2E take full advantage of the company’s newest cabinet styles—namely the supersized A560 Wideboy, which features a new 32-inch landscape mode LCD top box and LED lighting. One of the new titles is The Magnificent 7 Reloaded, a sequel based on the legendary classic film and top-performing licensed slot The Magnificent 7. The Magnificent 7 Reloaded includes the favorite movie characters: Chico, Harry, Bernardo, Lee, Vin, Chris and Britt. 

Also to be released on the super-sized A560 Wideboy is Reels of Wheels Horsepower which incorporates the Mustang Money red-hot feature game with the unique multi-wheel Reels of Wheels concept as well as free games.

In the jackpot products segment, Ainsworth will be showcasing a range of new Asian-themed link progressives that include Lucky Treasure, Treasure Storm and Oriental Fortune. Illuminated in the Super A560 cabinet, Treasure Storm is packed with three levels of progressives, two standalone progressives and amazing free game features. 888 Blue Dragon, 888 Red Dragon and 888 Yellow Dragon, and Treasure Storm have compelling math models to choose from. Treasure Storm is a 40- and 50-line product targeting penny play and is available in the A560 Dual Screen with an enhanced signage option.

Ainsworth will arrive at G2E with a new lineup of themes for their core GamePlus library: Quad Shot, Double Shot, Triple Shot, Play 100Lines/50Lines, Wheel Winner and High Denom. Ainsworth’s latest Mystery products will also be on hand: Golden Goose Mystery, Crazy Ways Legends Mystery and Ultimate Choice!. 

G2E booth number: 4453

2014 has been a big year for American gaming Systems (AGS). The company has roots in the gaming industry trailing back to 1996 as a manufacturer and operator of gaming machines primarily for the Native American market, but in 2014 made huge leaps toward becoming a full-service designer and manufacturer of gaming machines and tables for both Native American and commercial casinos across the United States.

AGS announced the addition of David Lopez as CEO in January of this year, and he has sent the company on a path to growth and diversification. The recent acquisitions of Colossal Gaming and War Blackjack have introduced new and unique product lines to the company, many of which AGS will feature at G2E.

AGS is focused on the games it can add to the casino floor to create incremental earning potential for its customers without losing sight of player experience. The company has prepared a cache of games to fit each segment of the floor, along with hardware and play mechanics designed to drive play.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has become a top performer for casinos across the country, and the company is excited to follow it up with Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?. The skill-based trivia bonus features found in these games allow players to earn more credits for correct answers, and have proven to be a player favorite in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!.  Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? is also the first game housed in the company’s attractive new Skytower cabinet, which stands over seven feet tall and is sure to be a traffic stopper on any casino floor.

The larger-than-life Colossal Diamonds takes the space of three standard gaming cabinets, but performs on par with about eight of them. The simple, classic game play and high-denom configuration have made Colossal Diamonds the top performing game in every installation so far, and in some cases it has remained in that position for years. More than just a novelty product, Colossal Diamonds is a quiet classic—a game that has proven to be a staple on any slot floor.

AGS is excited to enter the table games market with War Blackjack. Named the 2013 Best Table Game of the Year by Casino Journal at Raving’s annual Table Games Conference, War Blackjack is already in play at select casinos around the country with more installations to come.

AGS has evolved over the course of this year to become something entirely different than it was before. The company’s recent acquisitions have expanded its development capabilities and brought new talent and creativity to the high-performing team that was already in place. AGS is excited to present itself in “A Whole New Light”at G2E 2014, with a new logo, new look, and new games and product lines in place to greater serve the needs of its customers.

G2E booth number: 2138

A lot can go wrong in a TITO slot, but failure caused by ticket stock is unacceptable. The wrong ticket stock can wreak havoc on slot operations. There are the obvious problems: paper jams, unreliable scans and perforation malfunctions. Beyond these, the wrong stock may mean long-term issues like paper dust, print head abrasion and residue buildup.

These all have negative consequences on uptime, maintenance, guest satisfaction and, ultimately, profitability. But Royale ticket stock by Appvion is engineered to avoid these problems.

More than 45 years ago, Appleton Papers was instrumental in bringing thermal paper to the world. Renamed Appvion in 2013, the company is the North American market leader for direct thermal products. Appvion continues to create solutions through the application of innovative design and technology to tackle customers’ biggest challenges.

Royale ticket stock is specifically designed to exceed the demand of slot operations. By combining experience and expertise in paper science with advanced manufacturing technologies, Royale maximizes performance and minimizes downtime.

A ticket stock problem may be related to one of the following:

  • Caliper—To perform smoothly, tickets must have precise and consistent thickness. Even slight fluctuations could cause paper jams and premature wear on printer components. Royale avoids these problems through remarkably consistent caliper.
  • Uniformity—Tiny variations in a paper’s fiber structure result in curl which may cause jamming, uneven roller wear, printhead abrasion, or create excess dust. Royale offers exceptionally smooth formation for unmatched flatness and curl-resistance.
  • Perfability—Perforations on weak TITO stock or stock with inconsistent fiber structure may break prematurely, leading to jamming. If a stock’s too strong, the perf doesn’t separate and the player pulls out unprinted tickets. Poor perfing means excess dust and fibers. Royale is carefully tested and controlled to yield the ideal balance of strength and perfability.
  • Scanability—If barcodes don’t scan, the efficiency and smoothness of your operation suffers. Bar codes have to be sharp and accurate while resisting abrasion, smudging or discoloration. Royale TITO stock is renowned for precise imaging and flawless scanning.
  • Durability—Tickets must withstand rough handling as well as contact with liquids, alcohol, hand sanitizer and other substances guests will expose them to. Appvion’s protective coating layer ensures the printed image keeps its integrity.

Finally, you also have to be sure that every batch you order will have the same special qualities and characteristics you need for profitable performance. Here again, Appvion is a leader.

G2E booth number: 1141

This is one of the most exciting times in Aristocrat’s 60-year history. At G2E 2014, Aristocrat is bringing a content-led strategy to life across its entire portfolio, with the content to take its customers to the next level in games and systems.

At G2E 2014 Aristocrat will showcase new developments in its Oasis 360 systems division. Oasis 360 is the most widely used casino system in North America, and the company is executing a long-term strategy of investing in the product to deliver the best possible service to customers.

In addition to groundbreaking new systems technologies, Aristocrat will present nearly 200 new games at G2E 2014 along with several innovative new cabinets.

The company’s licensed titles and core game segments—E*SERIES, J* SERIES, and C* SERIES—will combine to present a diversified games portfolio that is stronger than ever and will deliver performance across a diverse player range.

Aristocrat will premiere new titles including Sons of Anarchy, a stunning new video slot that brings the intensity of the TV show to the slot floor for an experience that revs up casino excitement. Another new title is Britney Spears, where players can immerse themselves in a heart-thumping gaming experience backed by everyone’s favorite chart-topping hits from the Princess of Pop. Ted and Superman The Movie pave the future roadmap for the new Wonder Wheels product line, and the latest in the successful Superman franchise, Superman Man of Steel, will also be unveiled.

One of Aristocrat’s most popular games has been enhanced in Wicked Winnings Legends, with the classic game and a new deluxe version—all in the same cabinet.

Aristocrat’s gaming sales division has demonstrated an understanding of different customer wants and needs, and delivering players who want different types of gaming experiences via the C*SERIES, E*SERIES and J*SERIES.

  • The C*SERIES maintains a commitment to the classic Aristocrat style content players love. New C*SERIES titles at G2E include Super Wheel Blast and Monster Mash.
  • The E*SERIES is designed by industry-leading talent and contains some of the most highly anticipated games of the year. E*SERIES was named one of the most anticipated releases in the 2014 Goldman Sachs Slot Manager Survey, and the company is delivering with new titles The Romance of Rain and Fire and Mythos.

Aristocrat will also showcase some of its best Hyperlink content including Cashman Fever II, Good Fortune and Pixie Wishes, which combines the best E*SERIES games with the proven success of Hyperlink jackpots.

  • J*SERIES, for jackpot series, features diversified product lines specifically created to target jackpot chasing players. J*SERIES is growing with Dynamite Cash  and with Wonder 4 Jackpot, which brings the incredibly popular Wonder 4 series and adds a jackpot component.

With a content-led strategy approaching full momentum, smart acquisitions, full systems solutions, new cabinets and the best portfolio of new game titles in the market Aristocrat will take customers to “The Next Level.”

G2E booth number: 1253

Aruze Gaming America will be exhibiting its growing library of highly successful stepper and video titles by debuting over 220 games in what is their largest booth ever.  Founded in 1983 as Universal Distributing of Nevada, Aruze immediately established itself as an industry leader in innovation and performance. During the next 30-year period, Aruze opened offices and facilities throughout North America, Australia, South Africa, Macau, Japan and the Philippines. Now Aruze is one of the fastest growing suppliers in the gaming industry.

Aruze’s focus at G2E 2014 is on new titles that build on its record of success. The plethora of new titles which will be showcased at this years’ show add to existing platforms which have proven to be game changers in the industry throughout the last several years. The additions will be in both the G-DELUXE and G-SERIES video lines, the Ultra Stack series, both stepper lines of Innovator and I-Deluxe, and its G-Station electronic table game line. 

Aruze’s innovation will be on display with over 50 additions to their G-Series line including titles with newly created play mechanics, bonus features, and appearances. These new video games also include several new additions to the ever popular Ultra Stack series of games. Both Innovator models that will be showcased at G2E feature Radiant Reels—a revolutionary spin on stepper technology, designed with large reels, dynamically illuminated multi-colored LED lights, and variable spin speeds; all of which combine to build player anticipation for winning combinations. The Innovator Deluxe platform, with eye-catching top boxes, will introduce two brand new themes titled Spinning Stars and Hot Heart as well as continuing to display recently released themes. The standard Innovator series with five-Reels welcomes over 15 new themes including another prize selection title in Ninja Warrior as well a new series of linked progressive games titled Rapid Shot.

A third generation of Aruze’s six-station G-Link communal video game will be introduced during the show. As before, this G-Link game will focus on group player interaction while offering numerous features and bonus events. The G-Deluxe platform will also feature new additions which incorporate five-reel video game play, mega top boxes, and numerous events and anticipations.

Rounding out Aruze’s booth at G2E will be the award-winning G-Station game Lucky Big Wheel which is an innovative electronic version of the popular table game. The spinning of the wheel is put into the hands of the player, impressing them with heightened levels of interaction. Shoot to Win Craps will also be on display in addition to a brand new innovative electronic table game which will virtually put a new twist on some of Aruze’s existing G-Station games.

G2E booth number: 1126

For the first time at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), visitors to Bally Technologies’ booth will experience breakthrough innovations for the entire gaming floor, from games and table products to systems and interactive. With its merger with SHFL entertainment last November, Bally is uniquely positioned as the most broad-based supplier in the industry with the ability to connect the gaming world end-to-end like never before. The company’s wide range of products will be on display at G2E in a massive 25,756-square-foot two-level booth—the show’s largest exhibit.

At G2E 2014, Bally will unveil several world-class licensed branded games based on the hit TV shows Friends, Duck Dynasty, and Wonder Woman.

The Friends progressive video slot reunites players with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey—the beloved characters from the widely popular sitcom that TV Guide named one of the 50 greatest shows of all time. The Friends game features a wide-area progressive top award, clips from the show, and bonuses inspired by the sitcom’s most hilarious moments to give players a chance to experience the laughs and loves in a whole new way. 

The beards are huge and so are the potential bonuses in the Duck Dynasty video slot game based on A&E’s no. 1 original series. The Duck Dynasty slot will have players hunting for more with a wheel feature jam-packed with six different bonuses awarding free games, credits, or multipliers.

Friends and Duck Dynasty are presented on the ALPHA 2 Pro Series Theatre, a new cabinet configuration that features twin Pro Wave cabinets topped by a 55-inch horizontal video screen designed to envelop players in the entertainment experience and deliver maximum impact on casino floors.

In the for-sale category, Bally will unveil a pair of titles featuring the iconic Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman Wild and Wonder Woman Gold, which are presented on the trailblazing Pro Wave cabinet, include action scenes and music from the classic 1970s television show starring Lynda Carter. With three progressive jackpots available at any bet level, free games, and popular play mechanics, these titles will deliver a superhero performance on slot floors.

America’s favorite cartoon sweetheart is back with two new games. Betty Boop’s Firehouse presented on the ALPHA 2 Pro Series V22/32 features a 10-level ladder bonus and up to 20 free games, plus the chance of a wide-area progressive jackpot. Betty and her playful pup Pudgy take players on a luxury shopping spree in Betty Boop’s 5th Avenue, which offers seven ways to spin the wheel.

Also on display will be three new games featuring the player-favorite Quick Hit mechanic: Cash Wizard featuring Quick Hit; Quick Hit Cash Spin, and Quick Hit Hot Shot.

In addition to its game lineup, Bally will also display systems innovations; table products including proprietary table games, e-tables, and utility products; and the latest enhancements to its iGaming Platform and cloud-based Bally Mobile Concierge Platform.

G2E booth number: 2253

At this year’s G2E, Cadillac Jack pulls back the curtains to reveal a collection of products that exemplifies the creativity and dedication which goes into delivering innovation, performance, reliability and player appeal.

At the show, many of Cadillac Jack’s player-favorite, top-performing product series will be showcased with advanced game mechanics and engaging new math models, housed on the newest game cabinets. During the show, Cadillac Jack will unveil three new game cabinets engineered to increase game play through dynamic lighting, tightly integrated software and immersive sound.

Building upon the popularity of Cadillac Jack’s original Genesis Chrome cabinet, the new Genesis Halo integrates a sophisticated game controlled lighting package to the base Genesis cabinet. Genesis Halo is loaded with features that enhance player experience, including brilliant effects and attract modes which draw players to the game while the game driven lighting keeps the player engaged.

The popular PowerXStream series includes a variety of reel configurations, volatility and unique game mechanics. Showcased at G2E are Power Blocks, which feature oversized versions of the symbols three reels wide and four rows deep, allowing for wins of 3, 6, 9, or 12 symbols; a full stack of wilds on either reel two or four will reflect to the other reel in Reflex Wilds; and Turbo Boost which is an added boost to the base game’s potential with the addition of mystery progressives.

On the multi-level progressives front, discover the Goddess Series, a beautiful collection of games available with the Goddess Treasures linked progressive or as standalone games. Four strong and beautiful Goddesses rule their unique base games but unite to boost profits as part of the Goddess Treasures multi-level progressive link.

Winfernois catching fire on Stratos.  The towering vertical stature of the cabinet offers an impressive platform for the masterfully depicted flame effects and dynamic animation. Capping an already striking game is the towering Winferno Boost progressive. Available as a linked progressive or standalone, Winferno bundles the unique PowerXStream pay mechanic with random progressives to create a volcano-themed experience.

Turbo Reels with Money Maker is a game with a 10-level progressive jackpot available exclusively on Stratos. Money Maker is a factory-themed game that churns out cash with two rousing bonus games. Turbo Reels will be featured on a variety of compelling base games in the coming months.

G2E booth number: 4747 

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) will be exhibiting at G2E this year, highlighting a range of products that improve operator profitability through greater performance, reliability and newfound cash management efficiencies. CPI, born from the 2013 Crane Co. acquisition of MEI, offers a comprehensive portfolio of cash management solutions, with coin and note products from the CashCode, MEI, Money Controls, and NRI brands. OEMS and operators now have more convenience in obtaining complete solutions from a single vendor.

The CPI booth will feature the CashCode one, CashCode one 3000 and Money Controls Ardac Elite note acceptors, along with several MEI products, including the SC Advance note acceptor, EASITRAX Web cash management system and the new SCR banknote recycler.   “These products reflect one of CPI’s greatest aspects,” said Eric Fisher, president of gaming for CPI.  “And that’s the breadth of possibilities we offer to our customers. We provide solutions that work for diverse markets and unique needs.”

The CashCode one 3000 and the MEI SCR represent two of the latest additions to the CPI portfolio. CashCode one 3000 utilizes the same acceptor head as the popular CashCode one note acceptor but is equipped with a modified frame to accommodate its extra-large 3,000-note cashbox. This increased capacity leads to greater operational efficiencies by reducing the frequency of drops by up to 66 percent.

CPI will also showcase the new MEI SCR banknote recycler. The SCR is a two-denomination note recycler that combines the performance and reliability of SC Advance technology with the benefits of note recycling as part of a total cash management solution.  As a single closed-loop system, the SCR accepts, accounts for and stores cash from one player to give as change to the next.  This allows operators to pay out winnings completely and securely without worrying about hopper starvation. And by holding up to 60 notes on each of its recycling drums, the SCR provides the capacity required for longer uptime, less cash float needed on site and, ultimately, lower operating costs.

What makes the SCR unique amongst note recyclers are its security features, including a removable anti-stringing mechanism and specialized inventory management system that accurately tracks how many notes go into and out of the machine. It even provides complete note accountability when powered down. And access to system components, when needed for maintenance, can be done without providing access to secured notes.

Novomatic is currently integrating the SCR into its new Giga Star cabinet. After that, it will enter beta test in Germany with the goal of being available for sale by the end of 2014. 

G2E booth number: 4753

At this year’s Global Gaming Expo, FutureLogic will demonstrate how casinos can benefit by adding TITO to table games and linking promotional couponing across slots, tables and online operations. FutureLogic will showcase its TableXchange TITO printer/scanner, PromoNet couponing solution and GEN3 Evolution TITO printer.

“While the adoption of TITO was swift early on, more than a decade later, its full potential has not yet been unleashed,” said John Edmunds, chief marketing officer at FutureLogic. “To stay competitive and keep up with the newest economic challenges, land-based operators need to take full advantage of all existing casino resources and utilize all existing technologies to their fullest. By extending TITO to table games and using promotional couponing across all games throughout the resort and online, operators can gain a clear advantage over their competitors.”

With the ability to buy-in or cash out at table games, the TableXchange printer/scanner provides a bridge between slots and tables, helps casinos identify valuable crossover players, and ultimately enhances the casino/property experience. With chips remaining at the table, the TableXchange device further increases operational efficiency at tables, cash cage and kiosks by significantly reducing the resources associated with chip refills and cash handling throughout the property. Moreover, many casinos are now delivering promotional content to the player via TITO printers at slot machines. The TableXchange printer/scanner can be integrated into promotional couponing systems such as the PromoNet couponing solution, allowing casinos to also deliver coupons at table games.

By offering casino operators the ability to use the existing TITO infrastructure (at slots and tables) and player tracking system, FutureLogic’s PromoNet couponing solution allows operators to identify and reward high value players (both carded and uncarded) instantly, right at the game without any delays. Moreover, by providing a vehicle for tangible awards for a participating player, the PromoNet solution can steer players to online sites, bridging the gap and acting as an affiliate program between land-based and online venues. The PromoNet solution also enables casinos to create, analyze, and modify highly customized promotions for optimum effectiveness and to conduct business analytics and generate reports—all of which helps casinos improve their bottom line.

Following in the footsteps of the very first TITO printer in gaming, the GEN3 Evolution printer is the latest generation of thermal ticket and promotional couponing printer from FutureLogic. It features the industry’s largest standard paper capacity of 450 tickets, and a low paper sensor that eliminates paper waste by taking the ticket stack down to the last ticket, and at 8 inches per second, the GEN3 Evolution printer is the fastest printer in gaming, printing and presenting a ticket/coupon in less than one second. Moreover, operators can easily update firmware in a flash, by simply connecting a pre-loaded thumb drive to a printer while it’s still in the slot machine, yielding a significantly reduced down time for each and every slot machine on the casino floor.

G2E booth number: 1264

GTECH will show an array of cabinets, games, interactive products, and central systems at its booth, including an expanded library of True 3D titles. 

Following up on the groundbreaking launch of SPHINX 3D, a number of additions to the True 3D game library will be introduced, with two content streams specifically designed to appeal to different player segments. Titles include Bejeweled 3D, Dragon’s Temple 3D, Dreams of Asia 3D and Aladdin’s Fortune 3D.

Visitors will also want to check out GTECH’s new community games from its licensed PopCap brand library. Fans of Zuma and Bejeweled will enjoy the latest in community product line additions, Bejeweled Community and Zuma Adventures, both available in a three-game configuration. Bejeweled Community features a market-proven timer-based eligibility and multi-level interactive community bonus. Zuma Adventures offers two unique base games, market-proven community bonus eligibility, and three innovative community bonuses.

GTECH’s lineup also includes another internationally-recognized licensed title from the company’s Deal Or No Deal franchise, with the newest version in the series, Deal Or No Deal Las Vegas!. Using the MaXVusion cabinet and featuring Howie Mandel and the Deal Or No Deal ladies, this brand new title is set against a glamorous Las Vegas backdrop and offers two base game grids that share a unique middle reel containing wilds and bonus triggers. The bonus is played during and intermittently throughout the base game—a feature that is designed to engage players. The Money Drop, offering two base games and highly interactive players’ choice bonuses, rounds out the licensed product offering.

Completing the North American casino product lineup will be a diverse portfolio of core themes with a balanced mix of evolution of previous successes, new and innovative concepts, and games specifically designed for high-denom play.

Customers planning to step into the interactive arena or searching for the next-generation solution will find a complete portfolio of games, systems, and services designed to work individually or together. GTECH’s market-leading interactive products include solutions for poker, casino, bingo, sports betting and lottery markets. It provides open architecture systems to allow fast integration of third-party products to easily create a successful online solution tailored to customer needs. In addition to many new slot game titles, the spotlight will be on the launch of the new betting platform WagerWise, a poker app for tablet and poker network solution, and the Play for Fun and Virtual Currency solutions.

G2E booth number: 2139

With G2E just weeks away, gaming entertainment leader International Game Technology  (IGT) is ready to present a robust portfolio of gaming innovations, from MegaJackpots titles to thoughtful advancements in the core category.

IGT will present a very diverse portfolio of fan-favorite MegaJackpots titles. Each entertainment-rich game provides an engaging player experience and was developed with an acute focus on player-communication. Attendees will be among the first to see the latest MegaJackpots game from “Out Of The Blue,” Wheel of Fortune Jackpot Paradise.  Housed on IGT’s CrystalCore cabinet and featuring a 42-inch vertical HD touchscreen, this player-favorite theme boasts multi-level progressives, bonus content and free spins, giving players an interactive experience with the big wheel similar to what contestants experience on the stage of the popular television show. In a first for Wheel of Fortune, the wide area progressive can be won from the jackpot bonus round.  Players will be captivated by the game’s seamlessly incorporated content featuring the TV show’s hostess as well as a tropical theme, complete with island-inspired graphics.

Another new addition to IGT MegaJackpots portfolio is Harley–Davidson Open Road. This full-throttle gaming experience includes the IGT exclusive Enhanced Game Content feature, allowing operators to unlock new content over time—a proposition that is appealing to operators and players alike.

Building upon the company’s position in core content, IGT will broaden its offerings in this category by introducing a diverse line-up of themes and play mechanics. IGT has several new game series including Hot Roulette, Mega Free Games and King Reels. Hot Roulette puts a new spin on IGT classics as it couples player-favorite themes Wolf Run and Enchanted Unicorn, with bonus content that allow players to engage in a touchscreen roulette game in the top box. Mega Free Games will launch as a high-volatility, four-theme family that allows players to win up to a staggering 450 free games and “choose their fortune” by picking between mystery credits and free games in bonus play. King Reels offers players a larger-than-life reel configuration with 90 total paylines—60 in the top box and 30 in the base game. This royal use of the game interface can be found in two King Reel themes—Farmer’s Daughter and Turquoise Princess.

IGT will also unveil the Dynasty Edition series—a revamped, refined and re-launched collection of several of the company’s top-performing titles including Wolf Run, Siberian Story and Treasure of Troy. The Dynasty Edition series merges original game features and math with enhanced characteristics, such as amplified bonus content, pace and visuals.

G2E booth number: 4459

Incredible Technologies (IT) will be utilizing G2E 2014 to launch Infinity, a new gaming technology platform, and to debut the new Infinity U23 cabinet. Infinity represents what IT is calling the “foundation for their future” with its radical lighting effects, powerful system capabilities and sleek new shape.

Additionally, IT will showcase dozens of new games and a revamped product strategy featuring its new E-Play, V-Pro and I-Series family of games.

2014 has been a year of focus, determination and growth for IT as the Infinity U23 sees its national debut at G2E only after topping performance charts in its six-month beta test period. Initial Infinity buyers at the G2E show will receive one-time rollout pricing for orders placed on or before the show.

The company has made a pledge that it will only be showing the most proven products and titles in its trade show program and is proud to point to its successful 2014 track record. This polished catalog of top-performing slot titles paved the way to spark sales in 16 U.S. markets, including a deeper endeavor into Nevada as well as an international presence in Macau, Peru and the Philippines. IT President and CEO Elaine Hodgson said that IT is using G2E as a time to show to the world that the Chicago-based game manufacturer is here to stay. “After years of hard work and persistence, we now have a solid catalog of game titles that are earning their share at over 150 casino floors worldwide. Combine that momentum with the overwhelming buzz of our new Infinity U23 cabinet and G2E 2014 has the making of being a meaningful turning point for our future.”

The company will also use the show as a chance to exhibit their Simple Sign Display Kit, which has proven to be an easy-to-install, economical and impactful bank signage solution.

G2E booth number: 1439

Interblock USA, the leading provider in multi-player games, will showcase their G5 Product line at the 2014.

The booth will feature a large variety of products. G5 MiniStar Roulette with Player Information Display is the smallest and best performing five-seat product available on the market from Interblock’s newly launched G5 family of gaming products. It is available with sa single- or double-zero roulette wheel, however in a much smaller diameter—approximately 2 meters (6.5 feet) and it’s built to accommodate any casino floor size with a much smaller footprint. Players benefit from a mystery progressive jackpot system (Golden Chip), fast result detection, additional side bets and excellent roulette wheel visibility. The game will also be shown with eight- and 10-seat configurations.

New LED signs are replacing previous static products. These illuminated signs feature a LED matrix, attraction mode capabilities and the ability to showcase dynamic marketing content and additional eye-catching information such as recent winners, jackpot size and progressive meter tally to attract more players.

The G5 IB-HG 55-inch LCD with 05 G5 Play Stations is based on 3D technology, which provides a new way of projecting video to create the illusion of life-size, full-color, 3D moving images. It’s a stand-alone gaming machine that can be connected to five play stations. The games and side bets available for this product are baccarat, blackjack, multi-hand blackjack along with Lucky Nines and Lucky Aces as side bets.

Also notable in the booth will be the G5 Starbar product, designed for installation into a bar counter. It can be connected to all Interblock mechanical generators, holograms and live tables.

“Every year it is our goal to step up the quality of the products showcased in our booth,” said Tom O’Brien, CEO for Interblock. “This year, we have done that and then some. Attendees will experience all new products designed to fit on any size casino floor, entertain their players and maintain ROI.”

G2E booth number: 3633

At G2E, JCM will show an impressive array of transaction technologies that help operators conduct more than a business transaction—they build a personal connection.

For the world of slots, JCM’s award-winning iVIZION bill validator was designed in 2012 to be the “foundation of intelligent validation,” a foundation with the ability to expand to be more than just a highly advanced bill validator. Now, iVIZION’s bundled enhancement tools, called Dynamic Network Applications (DNA), build on iVIZION’s foundation of intelligent validation and empower operators as well as regulators with real-time monitoring, triggered event alerts, along with peripheral component management.

DNA provides real-time health and event monitoring of all peripheral components used inside an EGM, utilizing either a wired or wireless connection to a local server. Peripherals that DNA can monitor are practically limitless and include bill validators, table game validators, ticket printers, card readers, digital displays and coin acceptors.

DNA passively monitors the SAS line, provides diagnostics, analytics and value-added features that can all be managed through DNA’s user-friendly mobile dashboard. The dashboard was specifically designed for platform flexibility and can easily be used on a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.  Additionally, DNA gives flexibility of information the user chooses to use/see for reports etc.

DNA’s user interface was developed to be centered on feature functionality, operations, flow of data and user interactions. This design allows the user to get the information they want, when they want it, all in real time.

DNA’s flexible platform means it can be used in a variety of settings and for a wide range of purposes. Multiple-property or single-property slot operators, route operators and AWP operators can each benefit from DNA’s configurable platform. For example, slot operators may be primarily interested in DNA’s ability to give real-time information on cash box management or firmware downloads, while route or AWP operators might be interested in DNA’s meter reconciliation or preventive maintenance capabilities.

In addition to DNA, at G2E 2014 JCM will show a full line of products for every operator’s world of slots including iVIZION, iPRO and a collection of bill validators for gaming, VLT and AWP environments; advanced printer technology for a variety of applications in gaming, and JCM’s total solution for digital media, including displays, controllers and production content capabilities.

G2E booth number: 1154

Konami Gaming, a global leader in casino gaming and systems, is slated to introduce a record number of cutting-edge products at G2E 2014. Featuring more than 100 games running its comprehensive SYNKROS casino management system, Konami’s G2E releases strategically span its video cabinet lineup for an interactive experience that capitalizes on the machine’s unique features and functions.

For example, Konami’s new REELEVEN series will be featured on Goliath’s extra-large 32-inch dual display with a grand total of 11 independent spinning reels: nine within a 3x3 middle grid, framed by a standard reel on either side. Inari Riches joins Exotic Princess and Gorgeous Cat in showcasing REELEVEN’s pioneering game mechanic at G2E. With thrilling multi-reel mechanics and the game’s Japanese-themed design elements, Inari Riches immediately stands out and awakens interest. Not to mention, popular Xtra Reward and Oversized Symbol features keep players engaged far beyond the initial attraction.

Guests at G2E will also see how mystery progressives such as the new Engine Ablaze use Podium Monument’s 32-inch vertical top box to launch high-energy bonus games. Inspired by the classic hot rod, Engine Ablaze four-level standalone progressive has a look and feel to interest raceway fans and casual cruisers alike on top of any of Konami’s proven KP3 game themes in the new Podium Monument cabinet.

“The games we’ll be presenting focus on providing maximum flexibility and diversity of product for operators appealing to a wide range of target markets,” said Matt Reback, vice president, marketing for Konami. “Konami empowers them to get more from their floor with everything from creative game play mechanics, to cabinet-specific extended features, to system-delivered community gaming, so they can create variety and leverage successes for the strongest return.”

Rapid Revolver will also be on display for guests to test and explore, with new elegantly designed themes Rising Fire Dragon and Northern Treasure. In lieu of the upper LCD screen, Rapid Revolver takes a unique spin on classic mechanical reels by mounting six stacked and vertically-mounted drums on its oversized top box, combined with video reels on the lower screen.

“Our cabinets pull from a vast library of proven, high-performing themes that players love and operators trust,” said Reback. “We’ll have numerous examples of this throughout our booth, but most notably at the Dungeons & Dragons showcase display and by way of a major upcoming announcement surrounding classic Konami amusement IP.”

Another high-profile release that gaming professionals won’t want to miss is the new Slot Dispatching on Konami’s SYNKROS Konetic Mobile Employee App. This iOS and Android-compatible mobile application harnesses the advantage of SYNKROS’ real-time data capabilities to empower casino personnel to discover and respond to customer needs in moments for optimal service and efficiency.

“Our all-new Slot Dispatching delivers EGM alerts and service requisitions to slot attendants and technicians in a moment’s time, from anywhere on the property,” Reback said. “Anyone who hasn’t seen SYNKROS in action should definitely plan to come and check out the very latest tools, features and functions for casino marketing and operations.”

G2E booth number: 1165

Multimedia Games will continue to bring its Austin, Texas flair this year to G2E, showing 100 themes from their extensive game library, the latest titles for Platinum MPX, The Texan HDX, a new premium Texas-sized cabinet standing 8 feet tall, the never-before-seen Apex V Topper, and Cash Boom Bang, the latest out-of-revenue game for the award-winning TournEvent. 

Taking center stage at this year’s booth will be the high-limit room and the sheer volume of original titles from the Texas-based manufacturer. From the entertainment-style games such as Gorilla and Goldilocks, to the gambler-heavy themes, like Crystal Jackpots Smokin’ 777, Black Diamonds, and the Skyline series’ Glitter Gulch Jackpots, Multimedia will bring a little something for everybody.

In addition to the new themes and high-limit room, the award-winning Platinum MPX cabinet will showcase six themes, including the award-winning Thundering Herd, Invasion 2: The Return, The Valkyries, and Cabinet of Curiosities. The final two games, Dracula and Haunted House 2, will be featured in Multimedia’s first-ever haunted house at the booth.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and The Texan HDX, an oversized cabinet that can showcase any of MGAM’s standard video themes, is proving that true. Being seen on the big screen for the first time will be the perennial favorites Mega Meltdown and Starry Night HD, along with Wild Pack. Standing 8 feet tall with two video screens measuring 42 inches, this is a giant of a cabinet. The Apex V Topper will make its debut this year as well, showcased on a bank of Must-Hit Jackpots themes, such as Star Dragon, El Toro, and Fast Money. This new topper will attract players as the animations move from screen to screen via the unique dual 15-inch video monitors atop each machine. Players will continue to enjoy the view with the High Rise Games, as four new themes, Queen of Diamonds, Pirates Skull & Bones, The Money Man Big Cash Spin, and Smokin’ Hot Diamonds, get their unveiling.

TournEvent is back, complete with a wireless tablet option and the latest out-of-revenue game, Cash Boom Bang with 4 Reel Frenzy, which will take slot tournaments to the next level, as tournament screens will explode into four sets of reels once a bomb appears. Multimedia will also be hosting the National TournEvent of Champions Championship on October 1st at the XS Nightclub, with 123 players from 100 casinos battling for $500,000 in cash prizes. That night will also kick off the countdown to the Million Dollar Event in 2015, when National TournEvent of Champions will award over $1 million on September 30, 2015.

Multimedia Games’ came to play this year with their expansive game library, the latest additions to their Player Cabinet Series, an Austin-tatious haunted house, and the wildly popular t-shirt bar. Come by the booth and “Play Louder.”

G2E booth number: 2653

Novomatic Group, led by the AGI team, will present an international display of product innovations covering the whole spectrum of gaming entertainment as well as products that are specifically dedicated to U.S. markets.

The booth will once again boast product highlights for the international gaming markets—among them Coolfire II and NOVO LINE Interactive games presentations that will display a huge selection of games, available as single games as well as in the ever popular Super-V+ Gaminator and Premium-V+ Gaminator and NOVO LINE Interactive multi-game mixes, respectively—with up to 28 games per mix and introducing a new POS concept of multi-game presentation.

The games are presented in the Dominator, with its revolutionary cabinet design exclusively for the NOVO LINE platform, and in the Super-V+ Gaminator III and NOVOSTAR SL cabinets. The NOVOSTAR V.I.P. will celebrate its U.S. premiere, introducing panorama format game play with its large Crown V.I.P. chair and an extra 46-inch upper screen positioned at the perfect ergonomic distance for game play in top comfort.

The Novomatic Reel Tournament shows its advantages as an exciting marketing tool for casino promotion programs.

Specifically for the U.S. markets Novomatic will present the Action-Gaminator in a variety of highly attractive upright and slant top cabinets, offering a sophisticated all-star mix of internationally proven Novomatic games for the Illinois VGT market.

The unique feature of the NOVO LINE Novo Unity II system is the flexible interconnection of a great variety of electronic live games and slot games on a virtually unlimited number of individual player stations. This multi-game functionality allows the operator to link any chosen number of terminals to an unlimited number of different games such as roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, sic bo and bingo as well as a great slot games offering all within one installation.

This product versatility is exemplified by a G2E show installation featuring a fully automated NOVO Multi-Roulette wheel with a group of NOVOSTAR SL slant tops, each with the entire Flying (fully animated) multiplayer multi-game selection as well as Novo Multi-Roulette and the latest NOVO LINE Novo Unity II video slots multi-game mix.

The Novomatic booth will also proudly present various Mystery Progressive Jackpot themes for all platforms; such as the Magic Joker Jackpot and the innovative hybrid jackpot JEWELS FACTORY, a combination of a community and a progressive jackpot.

The LOTUS Roulette is a highly attractive automated six-player island configuration, consisting of individual player stations and one automatic Roulette wheel embedded in a magnificent veneered table.

Last but not least the Novomatic booth in Las Vegas will stage an automated single-player roulette that combines roulette entertainment with slot gaming in one unique and luxurious machine. This evolution of the original and hugely successful Pinball
Roulette will be displayed in Las Vegas with the Panther Roulette and Panther Roulette II. The Panther Roulette comes with a new start button on the right-hand side of the hand rest for increased player comfort. The Panther Roulette II additionally features a second 32-inch full HD screen on top of the machine with Flip Screen functionality. Both versions are available with a comprehensive multi-game offering of 23 HD video slot games.

As an industry leader in providing cutting-edge gaming entertainment and gaming solutions, Greentube also looks forward to exhibiting and networking at G2E Las Vegas. The Novomatic Group subsidiary will present innovative online and mobile applications and content. The Greentube subsidiary and game design specialist iGaming2Go will also present their latest games portfolio.

G2E booth number: 3264

In terms of company growth, this has been one of the most successful years in the history of Ortiz Gaming. The company’s significant growth can be attributed to more and more markets (such as the U.S.) beginning to embrace Ortiz’ product as a way to raise revenue expectations.

What the company calls, “The Ortiz Standard,” aims to increase win-per-unit and redefine the expectation of game average performance. The Ortiz Standard encourages operators to totally rethink slot floor metrics. In every venue, the company estimates, Ortiz Gaming machines surpass the floor average and represent the highest income for the casino.

One feature which embodies the Ortiz Standard and is the star of many of their products is the “Extra Bonus Ball.” Extra Bonus Balls may be offered to a player, providing a chance to keep playing by acquiring additional bingo balls. This feature creates a new level of player engagement, as well as additional coin-in for the casino, allowing the player to increase the bet during the bonus game.

G2E 2014 is the perfect stage to launch the newest and most innovative technologies to the world; and Ortiz Gaming will have surprises at G2E this year which will ”Raise Your Expectations.” In addition to the new products and technologies, the company will unveil at G2E, Ortiz Gaming will also feature a variety of cabinets, with the renowned SKY PAPER feature.

As well as feature-rich platforms, Ortiz Gaming delivers the Ortiz Standard through games with math that re-conceptualizes how a machine should perform. All of the Ortiz Games allow for four or more games to be played at once, plus the Extra Bonus Ball function. All of these features allow for maximum coin-in beyond the basic reel game. Machine themes to be featured at G2E 2014 are the bingo-style Class II and Class III games, ranging from the world famous Triple Bonus to the exciting new soccer theme game Goal Mania.

Ortiz Gaming will also feature their newest lottery style game, Better Touch. Better Touch allows players to play up to four cards at once, and if a player draws a green or purple lottery ball their winning may be multiplied up to three times.

G2E booth number: 1116

WMS is dedicated to providing value to casino operators by offering a wide range of gaming solutions and cabinet configurations. Leading the company’s cabinet offerings at G2E 2014 will be the Blade cabinet, currently among the industry’s strongest performing platforms thanks to superior graphics and increased player engagement enabled by its next-generation CPU-NXT3 operating platform. WMS plans to demonstrate the expansion of its extensive Blade cabinet content library with several new and groundbreaking for-sale games, including the Cool Jewels, Double Buffalo Spirit, Snow Leopard, and Sweet Nothings themes. Two new Blade cabinet themes developed in follow-up to the player-popular OMG! Kittens game—the OMG! Puppies and OMG! Kittens Safari themes—will also make their G2E debut.

WMS will also showcase its Blade Stepper cabinet that represents a natural evolution of the proven-performing Blade platform.  Specifically designed with the mechanical player in mind, the Blade Stepper cabinet brings the classic mechanical experience to the contemporary slot floor. Among the new themes available for the Blade Stepper cabinet at G2E 2014 will be the The Best Things in Life, Hearts & Dreams, and High Speed themes. Also on display at G2E 2014 and available for the Blade Stepper cabinet will be the MONOPOLY Luxury Diamonds theme.

A key highlight of WMS’ appearance at G2E 2014 will be the debut of the Blade xD 23 cabinet, a next-generation slant cabinet that brings together dual 23-inch HD displays with the key player-favorite features of the upright Blade cabinet and the latest, high-performing Blade cabinet content. The versatile processor at the heart of the Blade xD 23 cabinet enables intensely fast boot times, superior graphic capabilities and advanced hybrid lighting packages with game-specific effects. Innovative design and fresh aesthetics leverage WMS’ distinct “halo effect” lighting to fully immerse players in the game for an engaging and exciting new Blade cabinet experience. The ergonomic slant is optimized for extended game play, and the minimized distance between the two 23-inch HD screens offers smooth reel animations across a broad array of custom content to further drive player engagement. Featured Blade xD 23 cabinet themes at G2E 2014 will include Double Buffalo Spirit, Eagle Maiden and Exotic Butterfly themes.

Additionally, the Blade xD 32 cabinet will debut at G2E, and features dual 32-inch full HD displays with an ergonomically angled button panel tablet with a projected capacitive touchscreen for better gameplay integration. This new cabinet will launch with two themes, Hot Hot 8 and Dragons over Nanjing.

Beyond its gaming cabinets, WMS remains focused on expanding its library of branded content. Top-performing brands such as The Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, Battleship, Powerball, The Lord of the Rings, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory themes will return to the G2E 2014 show floor and be joined by several exciting new brands, including The Flintstones, Mad Men, Gremlins, Elton John, Elvis and Austin Powers themes.

WMS has consistently brought gaming innovations to timeless brands along with new and differentiated hardware, allowing its customers to leverage built-in loyalty with unique game play and player interaction.

G2E booth number: 3353

Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) is proud to introduce a new library of video and stepper games on the XSpin platform at G2E 2014. Visitors will learn about the platform’s versatility and how it’s revolutionizing Class II gaming with an immersive player experience complete with feature-rich titles, superior visual appeal, enhanced sound and more. New game titles in the spotlight include Cats in Action, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Charmed Destiny, Roswell Diner, Steel and Robby Justice No Relation, Nosferatu, Frankenstein and Lizards on the Loose.

The XSpin platform raises the bar with more game variety and wow factor compared to other Class II games, delivering on VGT’s promise to add competitive Class II video to its market-leading mechanical reel product lineup. In addition to the world-class, film-quality animation, the new game titles bring a level of edginess to gaming for players looking for something unique. Robust features to enhance interaction create an immersive player experience that rivals Class III gaming while retaining all of the operator benefits of Class II.

VGT’s new games include the hallmark Red Screen Free Spins, one of the unique features that create intense player loyalty to VGT products.

Along with ensuring the best gaming experience for players, the XSpin platform is designed with operators in mind. The platform utilizes the latest in solid-state drive technology, decreasing load times and increasing reliability. The cabinet also is built with ease of access and serviceability in mind.

For more than 20 years, VGT has been one of the leading manufacturers of Class II games for tribal and emerging markets. VGT has created a strong formula for success: it knows its markets, supports its gaming partners and constantly refines its games. This winning combination has ensured a stronghold for VGT in the competitive gaming market based on intense patron loyalty.

G2E booth number: 3853

Since its formation in 2007, Zitro has combined its strengths in technology and innovation to create elements that provide profitability, sustainability and reliability, setting a standard for the video bingo industry. Now at G2E 2014, Zitro will launch, “Zitro Revolution 2014,” featuring new games, new functionalities and new community bonus games.

These include Zitro’s new Air Cash, which features four different prize levels. With these four prizes, players’ chances of winning are considerably increased. The new Air Cash also includes an innovative on-screen presentation that is more flexible, more dynamic and more interactive, bringing greater excitement and entertainment to the player and to the casino floor.

Treasure Box is Zitro’s new pirate-themed community bonus game. When Treasure Box is activated, a three-reel video slot game appears automatically on-screen and starts spinning to offer one of the three possible winning combinations. Treasure Box provides players with up to three active prize lines that can increase their chances of winning a bonus prize and also the size of the bonus prize.

Splash is Zitro’s most team-oriented game. When a player achieves the splash bonus, it is automatically “splashed” to all his or her neighbors who are then also able to play the community bonus. This community bonus offers many and varied winning combinations, which will allow all the lucky participants in Splash to accumulate numerous prizes.

With Zitro Revolution 2014, Zitro developed a new system to qualify for the new Air Cash, Treasure Box and Splash community bonus games, which don’t require players to accumulate points. All players have to do is play; the cash bonus activates on the game screen to give direct access to these community bonus games. This new way of accessing Zitro’s community games means that participation will increase significantly, providing more excitement and more chances for players to win.

An innovative, cutting-edge 3D game development engine was created by Zitro and is incorporated in its latest-generation games. The game Jack & The Beans incorporates this 3D engine: an investment in the future which brings spectacular graphics, sounds, three-dimensional characters and interactivity of the latest-generation devices to the world of video bingo.

All of these features and innovations are the result of Zitro’s commitment to R&D and to producing what it believes to be the most entertaining, dynamic, exciting and the most profitable games in the electronic video bingo industry.