090414 GTR_New Jersey Player Survey from Commercial Intelligence _300One in five New Jersey online gamblers aged 21-24 first wagered with money at a land-based casino since November 2013, when regulated online gambling was launched in the state.

This finding, part of the Wave 2 of New Jersey Player Survey conducted by Commercial Intelligence in June 2014, suggests that regulated iGaming has been effective at bringing a younger player demographic to bricks and mortar gaming establishments.

The data released in two stages in February (Wave 1) and in June (Wave 2) reports other positive effects of iGaming regulation in the state, most importantly a significant decline in proportion of those playing on non-approved sites, with a reduced 16 percent of players declaring in June that they kept loyal to the sites they had been using before November 2013 against the 24 percent in February.

The findings in both Wave 1 and Wave 2 reports provide an indication of how U.S. online gamblers behave across a multitude of platforms, including laptop, smartphone and tablet, what games they choose to play, how they respond to various incentives and marketing initiatives, which brands they are loyal to, how they rate customer services and what problems they encounter when gambling online.

More information on the Wave 1 and Wave 2 New Jersey Survey Reports are available at www.commercialintelligence.info.