092514POTW_WetListedMarqueeMAXLITE_300The new Wet-Listed Marquee LED lamp from MaxLite has been designed to replace inefficient incandescent and cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (VVFL) for outdoor signage applications at hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts and amusement parks.
This LED lamp uses 2.5 watts as a retrofit for standard incandescent, which consumes 11 watts, and CCFLs that typically consume three watts. This conversion is what results in an immediate reduction in power consumption. On top of that, incandescent lamps produce a tremendous amount of heat, while this LED lamp produces minimal heat during operation and reduces cooling costs in indoor applications.

The warm white LED marquee lamp switches on instantly to full brightness, an important element of hotel and casino outdoor signage lighting. The lamp is available in both clear and frosted styles and is designed with a collimator that projects an omnidirectional lighting pattern, including backwards. The LED lamp operates on 120-volt electrical systems.

Offering a lifetime that is 50 times longer than the average life of an incandescent lamp, and 64 percent longer than the life of a CCFL (18,000 hours at L50 standards), the LED marquee lamp is constructed for optimal thermal management that extends life and lumen output, and offers the same warm color and brightness as incandescent lamps. At a similar price point to the CCFL counterpart, the LED lamp is a more efficient and constructed without mercury, UV radiation or heavy metals.

For more information, visit www.maxlite.com.