092414_SeaofTranquility_300Williams Interactive LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation has launched the Sea of Tranquility online slot game, the first in the Williams Interactive Game Server library to be powered by the Close Enough game engine. In Sea of Tranquility, WILD and BONUS symbols that appear just above or below the active reel array are included in any potential line wins and bonus triggers, giving near-miss spins the potential to transform into exciting wins.

The Close Enough game engine capitalizes on the near-miss experience, which is common in modern slot game experiences, and awards the player on spins that would have just missed in standard slots, said Robin Littleworth, senior director game development for Williams Interactive. "We’re excited to watch online players enjoy this innovative mechanic that has been a proven performer in land-based casinos for more than a year.”

Sea of Tranquility is available for European gaming sites integrated with the Williams Interactive Remote Game Server.

Robin Littleworth