100314_OrtizG2EUnveiling_300Ortiz Gaming launched their newest innovations, including their revolutionary cabinet O-Circle, during their event an “Amazing Unveiling”, opening day of the 2014 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) tradeshow. The G2E tradeshow floor opened Tuesday, September 30th, shortly after, Ortiz Gaming hosted an “Amazing Unveiling”, as part of the “Something Amazing will Happen at G2E” marketing campaign, focused on the event.

The event was more than a standard product launch, the “Something Amazing” description included the Ortiz Gaming booth, which was lit up by a nearly 80ft TV screen which illuminated the Sands Expo. A copious audience gathered in the Ortiz Gaming booth to see the “Amazing Unveil”, which included a full on production with rock-star lighting, video and audio queued, confetti cannons, and a film team documenting the event.

During the “Amazing Unveiling”, Ortiz Gaming spokesman and senior consultant to the president, Gary Green announced a variety of updates to their product line, including button changes to their Standard Cabinet, and demonstrating their new Online Gaming products. The highlight of the event was when Ortiz Gaming Founder and Chairman Alejandro Ortiz, and President Maurilio Silva uncloaked the statuesque O-Circle cabinet.

O-Circle is a 42” evolutionary curved display, reaching toward the sky and wrapping around the player for full immersion into the game. Using surround-sound and a larger than life curved screen, to create a new gaming experience, this sky-scraping high tech advancement was designed with player comfort and experience at its core. O-Circle has already received rave reviews, with attendees stating, ‘it really was something amazing.’ Ortiz Gaming also announced that the prototype O-Circle would be available during the first quarter of 2015.