100614_SLSOpening_300The Las Vegas Strip’s newest addition, SLS Las Vegas, opened August 23, 2014 with SC Advance note acceptors and EASITRAX Soft Count installed in all slot games. Featured in approximately 800 slot machines across the intimate 60,000-square-foot casino floor, SLS Las Vegas rounds out four of the last five casinos to open on The Strip since 2008 to utilize CPI products.

“CPI’s reputation for excellence precedes them in this industry – both in terms of customer service and product quality,” said Mike Liebenow, slot operations technical manager at SLS Las Vegas. “Along with SC Advance and EASITRAX, CPI met every expectation for our opening and, together, these products are a powerhouse for operational efficiencies and crowd-pleasing acceptance.”

The MEI SC Advance note acceptor evolved from the winning CASHFLOW SC, improving upon the key performance features responsible for operator profitability and player satisfaction – acceptance, jam rate, security and cost of ownership. Altogether, the SC platform has been installed in nearly one million games worldwide – more than 150,000 of which have been paired with the EASITRAX Soft Count cash management system.

With EASITRAX, SLS Las Vegas is able to streamline and optimize cash management processes throughout their operations – from the slot floor to the back room. EASITRAX works by gathering data from multiple SC Advance note acceptors and funnelling that information into a secure remote database that can be accessed to track revenues and analyze slot performance. Operators typically receive a return on investment in less than one year by reducing 20-30 seconds per cash drop and improving maintenance practices through access to eight pre-programmed reports.

“It is rewarding to know our solution makes such a profound impact throughout casino operations,” said Eric Fisher, CPI president of Gaming. “CPI’s continued success in Las Vegas – and beyond – shows that Gaming operators understand the importance of cash management and its role in operations, player satisfaction and, ultimately, profitability.”