100714_ZitroG2E_300A spectacular stand was the venue this year for Zitro’s presentation in Las Vegas, where visitors to the event were able to see for themselves how one of the world’s leading video bingo company has the finest entertainment product in its sector.

Zitro Revolution 2014 was one of the stars at the G2E exhibition with all its new features: community games, new functionalities and new titles. Meanwhile, Zitro Interactive Division showed off its new products designed for the online market through www.worldofbingo.com, the no. 1 video bingo on Facebook.

This year the company is consolidating its position in the US market through its subsidiary Zitro USA. “Zitro has the best product around: it has great quality, is certified and perfectly adapted to the US market, and offers players a unique and unforgettable gaming experience,” said Sam Basile, CEO of Zitro USA.

Zitro’s commitment to the United States market is in no doubt, having appeared at the most important shows in the country’s industry: G2E Las Vegas, OIGA in Oklahoma and NIGA in San Diego.