During the world’s largest gaming industry tradeshow event Global Gaming Expo (G2E) this fall, Konami Gaming, Inc. introduced a record number of new games themes across its cabinet lineup, in addition to never-before-seen progressives and tournament applications. At the Las Vegas Sands Expo & Convention Center on September 30 to October 2, 2014, Konami exhibited landmark product launches to an audience of more than 25,000 worldwide gaming executives and professionals.

Konami’s classic Podium cabinet, in upright and slant design, continues to delight and entertain through exciting new themes and progressives. With a reputation for reliability and performance, Podium is a favorite among players and operators alike , who rallied for a chance to get behind the controls of these impressive new games at this year’s show:

Sakura Lady

Konami unveiled an all-new anime art design style at G2E with a beauty and authenticity that only a company with its Japanese roots can deliver. Sakura Lady is a KP3 5-reel video slot with Xtra Reward®, headlined by a delicate anime geisha character surrounded by sakura flowers, aka Japanese cherry blossoms. During the random Wild Feature—which can occur before or after any spin—gold coins race up the screen and her image is reflected as extra-large wild symbols that take up multiple, large sections of the reels for increasing wins.

Neo Contra

Futuristic soldiers fight for fortune in the first slot machine taken from Konami’s revered video game library. Packed with a punch of game features, Neo Contra is locked and loaded to excite both fans and new players driving performance while bringing valor, honor, and teamwork to the casino floor. Neo Contra also includes Konami’s newest 3D sound system that puts the player right in the action with every explosion, bullet burst and big win combination, without the need for in-chair or satellite speakers.


Continuing to support its ever-expanding international customer base, Konami brought a broad variety of new multi-language, multi-currency releases to Podium cabinet. Titles such as Glorious Jade, Jungle Fury, Valley of Riches, Love Stacks, New Year New Wishes, Imperial Wealth and Year Of Best Wishes provide a versatility and variety that audiences across the globe will enjoy.

Rapid Blitz Riches

This latest 4-level linked progressive gives operators the option to trade out the maxi jackpot payout meter so it displays “PRIZE” in gold lettering. This helps facilitate special marketing promotions and campaigns where casino would like to award a particular jackpot prize item. Similar to Fiery Sun Burst, Rapid Blitz Riches mystery progressive is shown in the upper LCD display and comes down into the lower screen for its celebration mode. Unique design elements for the second screen include animated crystals and an added sparkler effect to meters within the 80 percent range, as allowed by jurisdiction.

Konami’s Podium Monument cabinet includes a standard Podium base but is enhanced with an oversized top box, complete with a vertically-mounted 32” monitor and internally-lit bezel for greater attraction and entertainment. Podium Monument is currently available for all KP3 titles and is showing robust results for its custom exclusive themes, including Snow Stars White Winter and Wild Winter and Rock Around The Clock Doo Wop Dudes and Chiffon Ladies.

Dungeons & Dragons

Konami’s Dungeons & Dragons themed slot machines on Podium Monument made their G2E debut in the measure of grandeur and fanfare that would be expected for a fantasy franchise of decades-long worldwide acclaim. This recent KP3 Xtra Reward® title received its own showcase display at Konami booth 1154—complete with D&D logo premium chairs, custom “glowing runes” bezel, attention grabbing, hand-painted 3D dragon toppers and rotating sign. Both available game themes, Conquests & Treasures™ and Enchanted Riches™ are landing at casinos across the nation for adventurers at heart to explore.

Rapid Revolver

In lieu of the upper LCD screen, Rapid Revolver takes a unique spin on classic mechanical reels by mounting six stacked and vertically-mounted drums on its oversized top box, surrounded by synchronized high-impact sound and lighting. Designed to stand out on a casino floor and grab the attention of casino guests, it presents two distinct gaming concepts fused into one by combining traditional video reel on the lower screen with spinning reels up top. Two elegantly designed themes were shown at G2E—Rising Dragon™ and Northern Treasure™—for attendees to experience and explore.

Engine Ablaze

To demonstrate Podium Monument’s ability to embellish any of Konami’s proven KP3 game themes with fun new bonus feature events on the upper top-box, several different standalone progressives will be at the booth including Engine Ablaze. This high-octane 4-level mystery progressive has an auto-inspired look and feel with motors, tailpipes and flames to interest raceway fans and casual cruisers alike, artfully depicted across Podium Monument’s 32” high-definition display.

Hammer Festival

In true Born from fun™ fashion, Konami’s Hammer Festival progressive spotlights a hammer-welding Amazonian monkey who knocks blocks from a colored stack of increasing cash prizes. In this unique 1-level mystery progressive for Podium Monument , the monkey swings his hammer to reach the jackpot while his displayed stamina gauge dwindles accordingly, booted only by specially-placed banana energy bunches. Hammer Festival is compatible with any KP3 platform game that doesn’t require a top-box display.

With its colossal sound, 360-degree attract lighting, and huge 32” dual high-definition LCD display, KONAMI’s Podium Goliath® is populating more floor space than ever at casinos across North America. Because it’s compatible with any KP3 theme on the market, Goliath is able to showcase the latest games available to any Podium cabinet model, as well as new standalone progressives such as Gigantic Wheel of Winning™. Konami also displayed a strong set of international market releases, leading up to Goliath’s worldwide launch. 

Inari Riches

One new KP3 game theme that will be highlighted on Goliath is Inari Riches, a brand new game in Konami’s REELEVEN® series. Boasting a grand total of 11 action reels, REELEVEN consists of a 3x3 grid of separate spinning reels, famed by one standard reel on either side. Popular Xtra Reward and bonus features keep players engaged far beyond the initial attraction. Anytime the same symbol appears throughout the two traditional reels, the Gigantic Symbol Feature is triggered, in which the nine individual reels are spun to complete a single gigantic symbol like pieces in a puzzle, with each reel holding in place until the spins run out or the symbol is completed.

Herds of Wins

Herds of Wins attracted widespread attention for its eye-catching stampeding feature, in which reel symbols lay back and begin charging toward the player in a unique animation sequence akin to a racing herd of animals. The symbols eventually slow and the resulting formations are brought back to a 3-3-3-3-3 symbol layout for traditional line awards. This original math new release includes hallmark Konami game mechanics such as Action Stacked Symbols and Xtra Reward.

Gigantic Wheel of Winning

Gigantic Wheel of Winning is a 2-level standalone progressive built for Golaith’s stacked 32” dual-screen display, and is compatible with any game developed for Podium on the KP3 platform. During the randomly-triggered mystery bonus event, players spin a large 3D prize wheel to win either a credit prize or progressive jackpot. Winners have the option to participate in a part-two Double Feature for the chance to double their award.


Guests at this year’s G2E witnessed a number of new international market themes on KONAMI’s Podium Goliath cabinet for the first time. Games such as Duo Jin Duo Yin, More Gold More Silver, Great Luck Great Profit, and Wealthy Dragon Prosperous Phoenix take their place upon Goliath’s enormous display for what’s expected to become a universal sensation.

Advantage 5X is the next evolution in Konami stepper technology with titles Mighty Thunder and Jungle Coaster™. Because it’s built upon KONAMI’s KP3 platform, it carries increased processing and visual design capacity. Vivid video elements display both in the upper screen and the new lower touch screen, allowing for graphic interaction from the top screen, down through the reels, and into the bottom touch screen. Advantage 5X will made its G2E debut through the following Xtra Reward titles. 

Mighty Thunder

Mighty Thunder is characterized by a strong and powerful Zeus figure, bringing down bright rays and lightning bolts, shooting down and across the screen during feature events such as the Lightning Blaze free spin bonus. And in the more tranquil and peaceable Rainbow 7 progressive feature, players have the chance to lineup rainbow-colored 7’s for any of the 4-level jackpots.

Jungle Coaster

Jungle Coaster brings adventure and excitement to a whole new level by sending a giant gorilla down a mine shaft in a speeding railcart whenever players reach the randomly-triggered 6-level Progressive Feature. During the free spin feature—triggered by 3, 4, or 5 wilds in primary play—reels with colored coins will respin to fill the entire reel, and reels with 3 stacked coins will nudge to fill the entire window.

KONAMI’s SYNKROS casino management system brought a wealth of new products and tools to G2E, further evidencing the company’s sustaining innovations in casino marketing and operations. As in years past, the Konami presented a comprehensive systems demonstration environment, with a number of showcase features for guests to test and explore first-hand.

Slot Dispatch

A major G2E release that gaming professionals are eyeing is the new Slot Dispatching on the SYNKROS Konetic Mobile Employee App. This iOS and Android-compatible mobile application harnesses the advantage of SYNKROS’ real-time data capabilities to empower casino personnel to discover and respond to customer needs in moments for optimal service and efficiency. The all-new Slot Dispatching specifically equips slot attendants and technicians with EGM alerts and service requisitions from anywhere on the property through their mobile device, further expanding Konetic Mobile’s powerful suite of on-site tools and notifications.


With regard to marketing tools and automations, a variety of new enhancements were unveiled through SYNKROS’ True-Time Tournaments™, a system-delivered community gaming application that uses True-Time Windowing™ to bring unique tournament games to any video-based EGM on the floor. Adding to the Player-on-Demand functionality will be the new SynkStart™ feature that allows groups of players to all play at the same time. Both versions of True-Time Tournaments are available through an integrated module for full backend management and leaderboard functionality. Empowering SYNKROS customers to always keep marketing offers fresh, Fruit Funds™ and Hero Collection™ were the latest G2E releases added to Konami’s ever-growing library of SYNKROS tournament games.


Konami’s SYNKROS brought a new wave of casino loyalty kiosking functions to more channels and devices than ever before with its newly announced SynKiosk. It introduces real-time, comprehensive loyalty program updates and benefits directly to enabled slot machines, customer smartphones, and of course, traditional standalone kiosk machines, achieving greater convenience and participation to valued casino guests.


SYNKROS is also bringing business analytics to a greater level of on-the-go mobility and visualization with its all-new SYNKdot™ through expectation-based mobile dashboards. SYNKdot is an online application designed to give its users a simple visual interface to view real-time data on how the casino is performing based on customizable operational parameters for the property as a whole and broken down into differing specialties or areas. Once the property’s KPIs are defined, users can specify their own acceptable thresholds for each dot—either green, yellow, or red SYNKdot statuses. In a single glance, SYNKdot gives casino managers and executives a breakdown of the casino’s current performance status spanning slot machines, table games, carded players, floor occupancy, theo hold, net win, and any other information that is stored within the SYNKROS database, including data from external interfaces. The SYNKdot interface is accessible by any device that supports HTML5, including PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows phones or tablets. Accessibility can be restricted strictly to permissioned users on-site, or expanded to remote access world-wide, and anywhere in between.


Konami’s new InfoSYNK allows users to monitor all components of the SYNKROS application, based on custom-defined performance indices. These components include, but are not limited to: middleware components used to manage SYNKROS’ Synk Box in-machine hardware, the database, and the SYNKROS system itself. InfoSYNK harnesses a wealth of data to deliver active monitoring, historical trending, and email-based alerting, and uses Oracle APEX architecture that is fully embedded in the Oracle database and requires no additional hardware. The power of InfoSYNK encompasses the entirety of the SYNKROS environment, equipping IT staff with all the necessary tools to easily and instantly recognize inconsistent trends in system or network activity, for quicker response, faster recovery, and overall prevention.