101014_ViakooMobileApp_300Viakoo, the first and only automated solution to effectively eliminate missing video and reduce surveillance downtime, is launching a new mobile app that delivers the full functionality of their innovative software into the palm of every user’s hand – wherever they are. Combined with Viakoo’s experienced technical support team, users have all the resources they need to effectively detect, diagnose and solve video system performance issues 24/7. While ensuring continuous video surveillance system operation, Viakoo effectively eliminates 100% of informational truck rolls and reduces troubleshooting time by 80%, providing significant cost reductions.

“Video surveillance is a 24/7 mission critical operation, so it’s vital that personnel are instantly alerted to potential video surveillance system issues wherever they are,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo. “The new Viakoo mobile app further extends the unique ability to remotely track video surveillance system Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by continuously analyzing infrastructure diagnostic data only, no video content, and then provide actionable insights via simplified data visualization. Viakoo truly presents a plug and play solution to the longstanding challenge of knowing that your video system and infrastructure is actually performing to specification.”

Viakoo provides the unique ability to automatically detect and diagnose any irregularities within the entire framework of a video surveillance system so that immediate action can be taken. Complete with event history logging and reporting capabilities, including detailed compliance reports, Viakoo measures video surveillance system KPIs such as video path uptime, video stream delivery indices, video retention compliance, average ticket response time, and mean time to recovery, using convenient data visualization graphs. Viakoo automatically updates KPI data every 20 minutes, and alerts users instantly when abnormalities in performance are detected. Users can easily access their personalized dashboards via PC or remotely using the new mobile apps. All of this with your video content securely separate from the application.

Viakoo subscribers can leverage the proven experience of the company’s video experts with a single click through the app, online or by phone at any time for troubleshooting, insights and analysis. With the addition of these new Android and iOS apps, Viakoo’s innovative capabilities are extended beyond the control room to help users maintain maximum effectiveness of their video surveillance systems.