101014_RMSA_300Several of the gaming industry's most innovative mobile solutions providers today announced the formation of the Resort Mobile Solutions Alliance (RMSA).

RMSA was formed to help resorts and casinos to: a) understand the opportunities for enhancing operational efficiencies and improving customer service using enterprise-class mobile technology, and b) select the most appropriate mobile apps and infrastructure to bring them to life at their properties.

Resorts, and particularly casinos, face unique challenges of regulation, privacy and performance parameters as compared to other industries. RMSA will offer best practices white papers, educational events, and other reference information to help resorts and casinos keep abreast of evolving mobile technologies, as well as provide guidance and appropriate assessment to successfully deploy them for maximum competitive advantage.

RMSA's initial focus includes helping resorts understand, select, configure and deploy Wi-Fi systems for best performance on a given budget with special emphasis on reliable coverage, encryption, extensibility and performance during emergencies, including power outages.

Additionally, RMSA will help the industry to define operational standards including appropriate jurisdiction certification minimal requirements, enterprise system connectivity best practices, mobile device app and user management guidelines, and mobile app interoperability / compatibility recommendations.

Lastly, RMSA will strive to ensure the mobile apps provided by its Member Organizations are capable, within the limits of technology, of operating on mobile devices that simultaneously run apps from other providers.
RMSA's founding Member Organizations include:

  • Acres 4.0, a leading provider of operations-enhancing mobile solutions
  • Resort Advantage, the recognized leader in mobile compliance solutions for the gaming industry
  • William Ryan Group, a trusted provider of Real Time Action™ solutions managing every customer interaction

"Our commitment to heavily invest in the development in our cutting-edge mobile technology solutions will provide our casino customers with enhanced patron experiences with immediate cost-savings," said John Acres, Founder/CEO of Acres 4.0 & RMSACo-Founder. "RMSA will allow us to revolutionize the resort and casino industry with our combined innovated mobile technology solutions."

"RA is excited to provide our wealth of mobile solutions knowledge and real-world mobile experiences to the gaming industry," saidBrian Ferrilla, Managing Director of Resort Advantage & RMSA Co-Founder. "Forming this much-needed RMSA association will provide the resources to help properties invest in the right mobile technologies that yield the biggest return for their mobile app investments."

"The customer journey, brand interaction, and internal operations of each resort and casino are counting on management to deploy trusted mobile systems across all departments," said Robert John Hendrickson, President of The William Ryan Group, Inc. "RMSAleverages the consolidated solutions and experience of our expert partner organizations to insure that Casinos and Resorts adopt the appropriate strategies to support seamless mobile implementations."