101014_CaesarsCReport_300Caesars Entertainment Corporation issued its fifth annual Corporate Citizenship Report, entitled "Serious Play."

Caesars has long been committed to being a positive corporate citizen that contributes to improving the economic, social and environmental quality of life wherever it operates. Caesars' mission - inspiring grown-ups to play responsibly - is described in its latest citizenship report, which showcases the company's positive impacts on society and the environment in 2013 and early 2014.

Caesars tracks its corporate citizenship progress in areas including Responsible Gaming, Employee Development, Environmental Stewardship and Community Investment Performance. The latest report details the company's impact in 2013 and also provides more recent information that demonstrates its corporate citizenship efforts in action.

As detailed in the current report, Caesars exceeded its aggressive environmental-sustainability goal to reduce energy and carbon emissions and surpassed its waste-diversion goal. Significant strides have also been made in the reduction of water use and continued community giving. Caesars maintained its industry lead in innovative Responsible Gaming programs, training 43,286 employees in 2013.

"Corporate citizenship is rooted in the mission and values established in our Code of Commitment more than a decade ago. As our business evolves, our programs advancing corporate citizenship become more sophisticated," said Caesars Entertainment Chairman, President and CEO, Gary Loveman. "Our mission is to entertain and inspire grown-ups to play; but we also are determined to fulfill our responsibilities and take part in community life to deliver tangible benefits to all of our constituencies."

Caesars' core priorities are identified through a comprehensive process involving feedback from stakeholders, consultation with external experts, and reviews by Caesars' Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Council. "Serious Play" is written in accordance with the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines at core level.

"We are proud to support the advancement of meaningful standards that raise the bar for business accountability, and believe it is important for Caesars to be cutting edge from an engagement and reporting standpoint," said Gwen Migita, vice president of sustainability and corporate citizenship at Caesars Entertainment.